Blue screen blues )-:

  Stowit 10:25 24 Feb 2005

When I tried to boot my Pc (XP pro) I get a post beep the normal post screens then the options to start in safe, normal, last known config. etc. Whatever I choose I get a tantalising glimpse of the XP logo then a blue sreen with message flashes on, but vanishes before I can see, let alone read it. Then it reboots & does the same options again. I can enter set up and tried booting from the XP cd, but once I exit setup get the same again. I don't know what's changed since it worked yesterday. Help! Please!

  Diodorus Siculus 10:30 24 Feb 2005

When booting iwth the CD have you tried the repair option?

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install
click here

  Stowit 10:44 24 Feb 2005

Thanks, I've just remembered yesterday when running word both the x or _ were 'blacked out' (solid black boxes) I wondered if I had a virus & scanned with AVG - all clear. Im wondering now if it could be & before going down the route above I should try booting with a Norton disc I have?

  curlylad 11:28 24 Feb 2005

Can you boot it into safe mode and then do an anti virus scan ?

  Stowit 11:52 24 Feb 2005

curlylad, no, I've now tried booting from Norton, that says no viruses (but seemed very quick to decide) I wish I could at least freeze the blue screen to read it, pause dosen't work - or at least its all to quick to press on time. Any other sugestions before I try Diodorus's tack? It may be later as snow's kept my daughter at home!

  ventanas 12:30 24 Feb 2005

I wish I knew what causes this. Now had it happen on three different pc's. After you choose, say Normal, there is a brief image of XP starting, and then back to square one. Tried all options available on all three, including Repair. Nothing worked. In all cases this happened when the pc's where first turned on in the morning.

Had to bite the bullet with all three, reformat and reinstall. Even Evesham, who tried their best, had no idea what had happened.

  Phphred 13:04 24 Feb 2005

I know that this is "after the horse has bolted," but when it is sorted out, why don't make a copy of your hard drive with Acronis True Image 8. It most certainly saves a lot of hassle and we would all have nothing to do or read: wouldn't it be miserable?

  Phphred 13:06 24 Feb 2005

It should read "why don't you make a copy of your hard drive"

  Stowit 21:25 24 Feb 2005

I've recently cloned my old drive & fitted a new - I still have the old. Unfortunatly I've put my all cds on as a duke box. I may try that drive first but was hoping for a 'magic bullet' If the school's open tomorrow that's my day mapped out.

  Stowit 11:21 25 Feb 2005

Put my old HDD in as master, new as slave, booted & kicked off by saying 'bla bla files unreadable.... Bla Bla restoring' I peeked into 'd' drive all seemed ok. Went back to 'now repaired drive' alone & all seems ok! I shall now clone it back withall the new files on. I now understand the back stuff up lesson! Thanks for the advice, but it seems Windows sorted its self out. I suspect your advice Diodorus would have worked fine, but it's unclear if I'd have lost any data. Thanks chaps.

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