Blue Screen after Switching Off PC

  geedad 09:45 03 Feb 2012

My HP, Core i5 Intel PC. Last night when trying to shut it down, it was just showing 'Shutting Down' all the time without completing. I had to switch it off manually, and then when I restarted it, I had a Blue Screen telling me "A problem has been detected .....Driver..Power...State...Failure". This was followed by lots of digits ...... and other things to do, but again I had to switch the PC off before I could send this post to the Forum. The PC is obviously working at this moment, but I have never experienced this before, and wonder why it happened, and what is a cure, if any? All of my AV software is up-to-date, as is Adobe etc. geedad

  onthelimit1 09:51 03 Feb 2012

If you download Bluescreenview, you'll be able to get a clear picture of what caused the BSOD - it's much easier to interpret that Windows Event Viewer. Providing that the PC is setup to save minidump files, it'll tell which driver is causing the problem (not the only cause of a BSOD, but the most usual).

  geedad 10:55 03 Feb 2012

onthelimit1 Thanks, I will try that. geerdad

  geedad 11:11 03 Feb 2012

onthelimit1 Just read the Bluescreenview software information, and it states that it can only scan 32 bit systems. My PC is BOTH 32 and 64bit! Do you think I should run it?


  onthelimit1 11:31 03 Feb 2012

It can't do any harm

  onthelimit1 11:34 03 Feb 2012

This page says it works with both.

  geedad 11:43 03 Feb 2012

onthelimit1 I have now downloaded it. Does it only 'Run' when the Blue Screen problem occurs, or do I have to do anything now - like Run? Sorry, not quite used to this! Appreciate your ongoing help, geedad

  onthelimit1 13:42 03 Feb 2012

Just click on the Nirsoft programme in All Programmes and it will run. If the display screen is blank, it's because the PC is not set to save BSOD files. If this is the case come back and I'll tell you how to change that. Once done, you'd then have to wait for another instance to occur so that the files can be saved and viewed.

  onthelimit1 13:44 03 Feb 2012

The explanation is here in case you need it.

  geedad 00:01 04 Feb 2012

onthelimit1 Sorry, onthelimit1. I have just logged on in frustration, believing you had not replied - ( I did not receive notification of your last two replies by email!) However, I DID manage to run the file OK, and I DID get a report ( pity I can't attach it) ,but just extracting a couple of lines of what seems to be causing the problem I list as follows: Driver-Power-State-Failure caused by driver ntoskrnl.exe caused by address ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40 and a crash address the same as the previous. Plus many other lines of gobblededook ....! If this makes any sense to you, please advise me further! I have just sent this before reading your other two emails, so if I am behind, I may have to catch up after reading them! Thanks very much again. geedad

  onthelimit1 09:26 04 Feb 2012

If you google that error code it comes up with pages of threads. The commonest cause (but not the only) seems to be a memory problem. If you're happy working inside the case, I'd try removing one stick of RAM (assuming there are two there) and see what happens. If it BSODs again, swop the sticks and try again. Those threads may make some weekend reading for you!

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