Blue Screen after power cut

  Will 10:16 02 Feb 2010

Good morning friends. We had a power cut yesterday and the PC will not now get through the windows XP screen, at the XP logo it thinks for about 20 to 30 seconds and goes to a Blue Screen and then starts to reload. I have tried booting with the help of the XP disk(Original) through the "repair" option, the drivers are loaded but when it goes to "checking disk" and seems to hang there? any ideas??

Windows Xp
3 gig Ram
2.8 dual core

Do you need any other vitals?

  howard64 10:37 02 Feb 2010

have you set the bios to start from the cd? When the xp disk starts go through the windows setup and then refuse the repair with repair console and go for repair xp when it offers that option. This will repair without destroying your data and you having to reinstall all progs.

  Will 11:10 02 Feb 2010

Tried this, got to the repair XP option which I plumed for, the info bar at the bottom said "Examining 304243 MB Disk 1 at Id 0 on Bus 0 on atapi", it did this for about 5 seconds then the "Disk 1" changed to "Disk 0" and it seems to have frozen at that. The Hard disk ight indicator is flashing but very regularly and the number on the bar is not changing. Howard thanks for the suggestion, any ideas from here?

  Will 11:21 02 Feb 2010

Will aboot disk help recovery as it used to with earlier windows?

  T0SH 16:22 02 Feb 2010

XP boot CD check here 4th from the top

click here

Cheers HC

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