blue screen

  joaniem1947 11:08 02 Apr 2008

keep getting blue screen with the following message:the problem seems to be with srtsp.sys ,can anyone tell me how to fix this problem please.

  oldbeefer2 11:27 02 Apr 2008

Google that file name - lots of info there.

  joaniem1947 12:13 02 Apr 2008

thanks old beefer2.turned symantec off didn`t even know it was there ,if this solves my problem i`ll get back to you :)joaniem1947

  joaniem1947 12:52 02 Apr 2008

hi old beefer2, all seems ok thank you again for your speedy reply,give yourself a hug and kiss off me l.o.l many thanks joaniem1947 :)

  oldbeefer2 13:42 02 Apr 2008

my pleasure.

  joaniem1947 01:29 03 Apr 2008

still getting blue screen ,dont know what to do next ,really fed up ,the more i do the worse it gets .

  katkins 01:54 03 Apr 2008


Found this useful link. Check it out!

click here

If you type Blue Screen of Death into your search engine you will find lots of links on the topic.

The links are worth a look before you're forced to carry out a reformat.

  katkins 02:07 03 Apr 2008

I occasionally have crashes followed by the BSOD, but luckily in my case anyway, rebooting has always solved it, at least up to now!!!

It's not as scary as some make out, but is usually as a result of compatability clashes between software programmes or hardware including windows' own inbuilt ones.

Have you installed any new hardware to the computer base unit or partitioned the HD lately, for example?

  brundle 02:23 03 Apr 2008

Most often driver issues, as borne out by the driver causing the error.
"turned symantec off didn`t even know it was there"

What element of Norton/Symantec ?
If it's your anti-virus software, and the only thing you have as anti-virus, don't dump it without finding an alternative, some highly recommended free ones here; click here. If you are running Norton AV and another AV at the same time, get rid of one or the other - generally a bad idea to run two at the same time.

If you are truly not using it or any part of it, use the Norton Removal Tool to clear it out properly. click here

If you intend to replace Norton with a freebie linked to above, download your chosen AV software and the Norton Removal Tool, disconnect from the internet. Run the Norton Removal Tool. Reboot. Install free AV. Reboot, connect to 'net, check for updates and run a scan.

  joaniem1947 12:50 03 Apr 2008

brundle and katkins ,thanks for your help ,i`ve removed norton and downloaded a freebie as suggested by brundle so now i`m gonna give it a go and see what happens ,i will get back to you

  alphasaab 14:28 03 Apr 2008

This is my first visit to PC Advisor and on loggin in I get a screen of Mid Blue Text against a Dark Blue Screen simply impossible to see what's going on until the whole site loads! As that seems to take ages it would be nice to know in advance, by seeing what is loading or not loading as the case my be, so one could either refresh the screen or stop the process!
Just a thought whilst watching paint dry!
Kind regards.

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