blue screen with 2000 pro??????????????????????

  second best 00:37 31 Mar 2003

hello, i have been in here for nearly a year now looking for advice and have found a lot, but the time has come where i must decide, whether i'm going to chuck my comp in the bin, or try one last time.

over the last year i have had installed 4 different o/s's :- 98se, me, 2000pro, and xppro. at the minute i have 2000 pro.
i have formatted my drive over 15 times in the last year to try and fix problems with freezing a nd locking up etc etc etc. i completed a clean install of 98se then upgraded straight away with 2000 pro. i have since had blue screen errors akin to all the others over the last year. will someone please tell me that my hardware is at fault, coz i can't take it anymore.

over the last 2 days i have recieved these 2 error reports :-

c0000218 (registrry file failure) cannot load hive file :- systemroot\system32\config\software or it's log or alternate. it is corrupt, absent, or not writable.
starting memory dump.

i get that one at startup - occasioanlly.

********STOP*********** 0x00000050 (0xa0942f50, 0x00000000, 0xbs5507a9, 0x00000000)

then a little more but i never had time to get it all. ba5507a9 base at ba4dc000 nv4_disp_dll.

any of these make any sense to anyone??????

  wawadave 08:19 31 Mar 2003

hello try doing scandisk from dos.
try a diferant stick of ram.
it might be bad sectors on hard drive doing this.

  MPete 08:20 31 Mar 2003

Ya do a search for nv4_disp.dll and see if it's on your drives some where. If I'm right it's missing.
Do a searh for it with the command containes text.
with that file name of the 2000 cd ( it's probibly in a cab file so extract it if found) if it is missing and put it back in to the system folder.

Now I could be wrong bit most of the time blue screens are caused by missing device drivers.

Without sitting in front of the computer I really can't tell you any more. Anyway give that a try.

There is one more thing too. if you click on each device and look at the drivers. It will will you the names of the files that it's using for drivers for each hardware device. Search for those files. I bet some are missing. Find them on the disk and plunk them in.

How you find thise files is click on a device then properties. then driver file details.

Now you want to copy the compete path there cause if there missing from those spots you got to put them back where they belong and reboot.

What you do is write all that down one file at a time one device at a time the search for those files. If your getting lots of blue screens some are missing. Don't feel bad it's a microsoft bug you did not do anything wrong. There is a bug in the microsoft install disks and it's responsible for 99% of the blue screens. If you can't find the files on the cd then look for them also in the driver disks that come with that hardware.

It's important that you search for "containing" because there probably inside cab files.

Chances are the dll file above is there but vxd files are missing.

There could be lots missing. Windows 98 has about 48 missing so it takes awile to fix it. I don't know how many is typical on Windows 2000 it depends on how much hardware you have and who makes it.

  second best 23:15 31 Mar 2003

thnx guys. wawadave, i have tried scandisk, but nothing came up. mpete, the nv4_disp_dll is from my nvidia driver which, as far as i can tell is the main driver. the driver was not whql certified (41.09) so i have installed an earlier version 21.09 i think. i'll give the missing drivers a look, to see if they're there.

  MPete 11:54 01 Apr 2003

I'd check all the files. I forgot to say but all this is located in my computer> properties> devices.

Blue screens are usually caused by this. Calles to files that do not exist.

There is two flavors of blue screns one with files and ones with out files listed. You want the ones with file names cause usually that file or some other file that file is calling is missing.

The memory blue screens. I don't know how to fix those other than avoid Microsoft. Blue Screens are telling you there ia a major problem with the operating system and it has to halt and there not suppose to ever show up but being microsoft of course they show up all the time.

Those are fatal errors they're called and are generated by the proccesor. You gave it brain damage.

I've eliminated blue screens here so it can be done. Microsoft hasn't seemed to figure out how yet.

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