Blue photos when copying - Lexmark X73 All In One

  dave_and_confused 18:13 06 Aug 2005

I'm trying to copy some wedding photos on a Lexmark X73 All In One. The photos scan and appear on screen ok but when they are printed the wedding dress and cake is definately blue.

The same goes for any photo we copy. Photos printed from the camera are fine as are pictures off the internet.

Any reason for this blue shift?

The cartridges are new and the heads are clean.


  Chegs ® 18:22 06 Aug 2005

I occasionally find that images that have a large white content also go blue when printed,I also get blue if the scanners white backing is showing.If I put a plain piece of paper (non shiny) under the images,usually this cures the bluing.

  dave_and_confused 18:29 06 Aug 2005

So if i put a photo (5x7) in the scanner you are saying should also put in a sheet of A4 on top?

The scanner lid has a white sheet already but i've get my friend to try it....


  Chegs ® 18:32 06 Aug 2005

Seems its the shiny surfaces that cause this,how you would get a matt finish to your images escapes me.

  Wak 20:12 06 Aug 2005

Hi Dave, I don't know if the X73 is similar to my X75 but if you go to the Scan part and tick "display advanced scan settings", then "Image Enhancements" you can then "Adjust the colour correction curve" (GAMMA).
Maybe if you increase the Gamma it would increase the contrast and push the bluish tinge in to becoming a bit whiter.
It's something for you to try, anyway.

  dave_and_confused 13:24 07 Aug 2005

Cheers - it's not my Lexmark but if the paper trick doesn't work i'll try that. Problem is that the owner isn't too techincally minded hence the All In One - the idea of a one button copy was great.

We'll see and i'll come back later and let you know.

  jack 14:28 07 Aug 2005

Many 'White 'papers have a flourescing UV component to enhance the appearance.
Depending on the colour temperature of the tube in a particular scanner- this will 'blue' the whites.
This is paricularaly noticable in the older[faded] photos- where the red has dropped a little.
Only adjustment in a photo editor will rectify.

  dave_and_confused 17:12 09 Aug 2005

It seems he cartridges where refilled.

It's now been replaced with a genuine one and all seems well....

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