Blue lines are printing all over my documents

  Dobba 18:49 01 Sep 2005

My friend has an Axion computer with Windows 2000 and an Epson Stylus Colour 600 printer. Suddenly, although there is no indication on the screen, all his print-outs show blue lines, at approximately double spacing, running across the page.
It seems to me that the problem must lie somewhere in the printer software, but so far I have been unable to trace where the problem lies. Any ideas out there?

  jack 19:53 01 Sep 2005

What sort of documents?
Texts or images or both.
Certainly reinstalling software is one option.

Also are you certain the lines are 'Printed' as opposed as is more likely- an indicator that the Waste Ink chamber is full and ink is leaking out andmarking the paper guides- The waste ink chamber is under the machine in a plastic tank- you will see where becuaew the rest of the machine will have a metal base.
click here- will have details
simply look up the printer model.
Its a messy job- taking out the pads -washing drying and reinstalling - take lots of precautions like doing it in the garden and not the on the best Dralon

  Monoux 22:14 01 Sep 2005

These lines could be print head alignment out of kilter. Use control panel/ printers select your printer then right click / properties / printing preferences/
head alignment . Then follow the on screen instructions

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