Blue fatal screen

  daisy2bell 20:18 05 Jun 2004

I've just deleted and re installed my hard drive.
When I copy files from a CD back to the computer I am constantly getting the blue screen with the fatal message, and when I click on any key, I then have to restore my desktop.
This is anoying me to say the least

  woodchip 20:23 05 Jun 2004

How did you delete your HD

  daisy2bell 20:25 05 Jun 2004

With the re load CD that came with the computer. I have done this a fair few times with no probs

  woodchip 20:28 05 Jun 2004

Right you mean you did a restore with the recovery disc what programs have you loaded since restore or hardware as been fitted of late

  daisy2bell 09:48 06 Jun 2004

No new hardware has been installed, still in original config.
Software loaded:
Word,Frontpage,musicprogramme,Aol,Musicmatch jukebox,Adaware,Photocopier pro,Adobe Photodeluxe,Epson printer 2x, scanner,Epson photosheet,Finepix viewer.
These have all been installed before I deleted the HD and never had problems

  daisy2bell 10:09 06 Jun 2004

Just an after thought.
If I did the whole proccess again but then copy my files from the CD to my HD, and only then load all the other software would this be viable.

  Fruit Bat 12:26 06 Jun 2004

Sounds the best way to do it


  woodchip 15:45 06 Jun 2004

If I was you, I would do a restore from the disc then just install one program at a time and test until you find the culprit

  daisy2bell 19:48 06 Jun 2004

Thanks I'll try that

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