Blue desktop screen at boot up.

  Windsor 12:57 20 Jul 2003

I have just re-formatted by HD and now get a blue screen during part of boot up before it changes to my chosen wallpaper.

I have had this in the past and somehow got rid of it, but I cannot now.

I have tried everything in the settings dialog box to no avail.

Can anyone advise me please


  Lone Crow 13:44 20 Jul 2003

You don't say what you had previously! Blue is the default Desktop colour so that is what you get before your wallpaper is loaded. To change it to a different colour Right Click on a blank area of the desktop, choose Properties to get the Display Properties dialogue box, then click on the Appearance tab, go to the Item box and select Desktop, then change the colour to whatever you want using the Colour box to the right if it. Click on Okay and reboot. You should get your selected colour now instead of blue. LC.

  Windsor 15:44 20 Jul 2003

Thanks Lone Crow.

I appreciate all that you said and I have done all that. But on previous boot-ups, the blue (or any other colour, did not appear)but went straight to the wallpaper.

I am still baffled.


  Lone Crow 11:04 21 Jul 2003

In that case, so am I! Are you sure it wasn't just set to white? LC.

  alcudia 11:59 21 Jul 2003

I have known this to happen if an html file has previously been chosen as the wallpaper. After you change to something else the background colour always appears for a second or two.
If this is the cause there is n cure.

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