Blue background on PCA

  birdface 14:15 19 Nov 2007

Hi anybody tell me if PCA are doing anything to fix the blue background a lot of us get when using Pca.It was that bad on Firefox that I deleted it and went back to IE7,Although I get it on there it is not that annoying,But IE7 has been very slow and programs sometimes get timed out and sometimes I have problems getting into some websites,So took the plunge and downloaded opera to-day and that is every bit as bad as Firefox if not worse.It is only on this site that it happens so I was wondering if there were any type of fix out for this,Skidzy let us know how to do it on Firefox but there were a lot of programs you could not use when you had Java Script dissabled.

  anskyber 14:21 19 Nov 2007

Not sure what you mean. Do you mean blue background to the text area or the borders outside the text area?

  Technotiger 14:23 19 Nov 2007

I am using Firefox and although I do see the blue background, it is only there for a second or so, so it is not a problem.

  birdface 14:35 19 Nov 2007

On the borders,And only for a second or so but every thread you open is the same,I have a Chipset Motherboard and was just wondering if that may be the cause of the problem.I have dissabled Java Script on Opera at the moment It just means there are a few programs that will not work withit dissabled.[Speed test Etc.]

  birdface 14:41 19 Nov 2007

To be more precice everything outside the text area is a dark blue.Like Technotiger says it is only for a second or so until the thread or whatever opens.But as Pca is the only program that does it,Is the problem with Pca or with the computers that some of us use.

  MAJ 14:49 19 Nov 2007

Do you mean these blue areas? click here

If so, try reducing your screen resolution see if they disappear.

  birdface 14:50 19 Nov 2007

Had another look it all starts up all blue then it is just the surround that stays blue,And just timed it there and it takes about 7 seconds for the blue to dissapear on Opera.Bit of a pain.Anybody else on Opera tell me where to find the refresh button.

  birdface 14:55 19 Nov 2007

Hi Maj,Something like that but worse,It starts up with the whole page being Blue then just the surrounds,But on Opera it is taking a minimum of 7 seconds to clear,I have just switched back to IE7 and you hardly notice it on here.

  birdface 15:01 19 Nov 2007

Screen resolution is set to 800x600 if I am getting the problem all over the page I do not think that would work.

  birdface 15:27 19 Nov 2007

Sorry Maj.Did not explain properly,Whole page covered in blue then it is just the typing area that clears the rest is all blue like I said it takes a minimum of 7 seconds for it to go away.So it looks as though I will have to delete opera and move back to IE7 unless someone comes up with a better idea.

  tullie 15:41 19 Nov 2007

I am using firefox.I get a blue area where the text is,but after a few secs it is ok when page has loaded completely,its not something that bothers me undually.Worse things happen at sea.

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