Blu ray drive issue

  logoff 21:01 17 Dec 2011

Hi Have wanted to fit a blu ray drive for a while to my desktop PC and am looking at the Samsung SH-BL123L/RSBP model. However, note the minimum processor requirements are 3.2 Ghz whereas my PC (bought in 2008) is Q6600 quad core with 8Ghz DDR2 Ram but only 2.4 Ghz speed. Is a Blu-Ray drive going to work? Doesn't sound like it but any thoughts from anyone who knows more about it much appreciated! Seasons greetings too! L

  rdave13 22:06 17 Dec 2011

All I can offer is yes it will work but slower than the minimum requirements of the CPU. As it is a quad core you might not notice a difference until you need to burn a BR disc.

  logoff 22:13 17 Dec 2011

Thanks rdave13 appreciate your comments. I suppose can only try it and see. Aim to get a new PC next year, which should have the minimum spec so all should be well then. Many thanks, :)) L

  logoff 22:32 17 Dec 2011

Thanks Woolwell your comments are most encouraging. Will definitely give this a go, I think. Yes, I have e-Sata too so don't see that being an issue.

Enjoy the festive period! Kind regards L

  logoff 22:53 17 Dec 2011

Woolwell, thanks again! L

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