Blown PSU & dead PC

  Bargee 10:24 13 Dec 2011


Suffered a power cut in the night & this morning came to turn on my PC & it was dead, also there was a smell of TCP. For those of you too young to know what TCP is, it was a popular disinfectant.

I tried replacing the suspect 350W PSU with an old 200W one I had lying around, but although the MB LED is illuminated, the PC is still dead. Now I've read other horror posts on the forum where this problem has blown everything inside the case, so I'm wondering whether, despite the PC being off when the powercut hit & was restored, I'm likely to have suffered a similar fate. As yet I haven't had the time to remove the HDD to hook up to another PC, so I don't know what the state of this PC is. I'm hoping that the HDDs are OK as I can easily replace the MB as I'm upgrading another PC so I can cannabalise the MB from that one.


  KRONOS the First 10:34 13 Dec 2011

A power cut is unlikely to have caused your problems as twice recently I had had a power cut and my PC was on at the time and I have had no problems. A power surge on the other hand is another matter.Judging purely on the 350W PSU I am guessing that it is not the most modern of PC and perhaps bits were failing and it was a coincidence that they failed soon after a power cut.

Obviously testing various bits will be in order but I would imagine that your HDD will be fine.

  Bargee 11:30 13 Dec 2011

Cheers Chronus. As you've guesssed, it is an old PC, but it does the job perfectly. I've had a thought, could it be that the reason the 200W PSU I used to replace the old 350W PSU didn't start the PC is because it simply hasn't enough power?

  KRONOS the First 11:47 13 Dec 2011

Yes that is very possible,if you can pick up another cheaply enough then it might be worth trying to see if it is the PSU that has failed and not anything more serious.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:39 13 Dec 2011

Try using your old 200w without connecting things like DVD drives etc.

  Bargee 14:16 13 Dec 2011

Thanks guys, but no luck yet.

Fruitbat, I tried that with no joy, its as if the power switch is faulty. I fear the MB has been fried by a surge when the domestic power came back on. I've tried placing the HDD into a USB case & hooking into another PC. It powers up & spins, but because I installed Norton Go Back some time ago, I can't read it & unless I can power the machine up again, I won't be able to disable Go Back so that it can be read.

Unless, of course, someone can tell me how I can circumvent the chuffing software so that another PC can read the disk.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:29 13 Dec 2011
  Bargee 14:42 13 Dec 2011

Friutbat, you are a star mate! As soon as I can, I'm going to try it, hopefully within the next couple of days or this weekend at the latest. I know that if the MB is faulty, I'll have to replace it & then the HDD is unlikely to boot, so all I want to do in the first instance is to get some extremely key data off the Norton protected HDD, once I've done that, I won't give a monkeys about doing a re-install, it'll be the lesser of the evils.

I'll let you know how I go.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:55 13 Dec 2011

Best of luck.

Not sure where the TcP smell is coming from However if machine was off during power cut it should not have been affected.

PSU do tend to blow on initial switch on, when load is the heaviest, you will have been unlucky if its taken the MB with it.

I've repaired many PCs just by renewing PSU but it has been known for a cheap PSU blowing taking everything, including hard and DVD drives, with them.

  Bargee 15:46 13 Dec 2011

The really strange thing with this, is that the smell was present when I entered the room & absolutely nothing happened when I pressed the PC's on switch, the whole thing was dead. There was nothing unusual when I turned the machine off last night, everything seemed normal.

I've looked into that link, I haven't tried anything yet, but it does look like you need to do the procedure with the affected HDD as a master disk. It doesn't seem that you can do it on a slave disk. Not sure now, but still going to see if there is any way I can utilise the info.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 13 Dec 2011

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