Bloody Medion...

  Ian in Northampton 09:56 27 Jul 2010

I couldn't resist £279 for a Medion tower unit from Tesco as a backup to my usual system. I have it as a 'hot' backup - in other words, I mirror my main PC to it every week or so so that, if my main PC goes tits up, I can work pretty much uninterrupted...

Thus far, I've been pretty happy with it. It runs W7 like a dream and is generally pretty responsive. I fitted a cheap dual head graphics card, and that was pretty straightforward.

But then I tried to fit a second optical drive so I could do unattended disc copying. Nightmare... The PC has two of those stupid case doors that flip down/up in front of the optical drives, just to make it look nice. They also indicated to me that the system was designed to take a second optical drive... However, it also looked as if the case door would be a barrier to me inserting the optical drive from the front, should I need to. No problem, I thought.

So I opened it up. It's what I'd call a 'compact' tower unit. There was no way on earth of sliding the second optical drive into the slot - without removing the power supply. Now, that's not something you undertake lightly. However, I ascertained that the power cables were long enough to enable me to get the power supply out of the way enough without actually disconnecting any cables.

So what do I find when I try to slide the optical drive in? There's bits of bent-up metal on the floor of the slot, and the front of the slot is blanked off with a metal plate and there's no way I can see of removing the plate - it looks like it's integral to the chassis, not a bolt-on part.

Very frustrating. I guess this is more of a rant/vent than a question - but if anyone has come across a similar situation and solved it, I'd be interested to know how.

Failing which: anyone want an LG LightScribe drive...? LOL... (I'll be sticking it on eBay)

  mgmcc 11:28 27 Jul 2010

You could get a 5.25" USB 2.0 external enclosure and install the optical drive in that.

I have a Belkin enclosure, which I originally had a hard drive installed in. However, as I needed a CD/DVD drive for a Netbook, I removed the hard drive and installed an optical drive instead.

  Ian in Northampton 12:02 27 Jul 2010

Thanks MGMCC. In fact, my daughter has an external USB DVDRW drive for her netbook, so I may 'borrow' that. It's not as elegant a solution, however, as a drive that fits in the bloody case... :-( (especially as I also need to be able to hook up the 2 x 250GB and 1 x 1TB USB hard drives that are attached to my main PC, and the Medion isn't exactly overendowed with USB ports).

  woodchip 14:54 27 Jul 2010

On a PC Case the front normally pulls off, I think you will find that your Medion is the same. Watch out for springs on the doors.

PS I have a Medion like that and front does pull off

  T0SH 15:04 27 Jul 2010

The plate it attached by four very small tabs on the sides if you push the top inwards then the bottom do this a few times it will break off as it is intended too

To fit the new drive you will need to remove the front cover from the PC, usually it comes apart with plastic clips or even screws accesible once the sideplates are removed

Cheers HC

  Ian in Northampton 15:08 27 Jul 2010

Many thanks guys. Good stuff! I'll take a look and let you know how I get on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:10 27 Jul 2010

1. Switch off unplug disconnect cables
2. Remove left side and right panels
3. Unclip front cover and remove completely (3 clips each side top middle bottom , flat blade knife to release clips)
4. Press out metal cover from slot front (can be quite tight, use pliers)
5. Slide new drive in from front and connect data and power cables (if IDE drive remember to set jumpers first)
6. Secure drive with two screws each side
7. Reconnect cables and power up and test.
8. if test OK then power down and refit all covers.

I fitted a floppy drive into a medion - one of the hard drives was in the floppy bay - had to remove cpu heat sink and fan to remove drive, refit drive in new location near front bottom behind second drive before I could start the job of fitting floppy. then refit cpu heat sink with new thermal paste and fan.

  Ian in Northampton 16:06 27 Jul 2010

Fruit Bat /\0/\: super, super stuff - many thanks. I'm gaining in confidence all the time... :-)

  rickf 18:11 27 Jul 2010

You'll find that most comp cases you have to remove the metal buts yourself when you want to install optical drives. The front bit, the flap, I think you were referring to often an be detached the put back.

  Ian in Northampton 18:12 27 Jul 2010

Thanks Rick.

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