bloodhound virus

  mco 21:03 22 Apr 2006

I went on someone's blog and up popped a message saying I was susceptible to 'bloodhound virus' (not that I had it) and that my antivirus couldn't deal with it and suggested I should download something like - I think - Win antispy..I closed the pop up and came straight here! First, am I in danger? Second, can't my anti-virus (Sophos) cope with this? Third, was this a genuine warning or an ad? Many thanks for help!

  rdave13 21:39 22 Apr 2006

As you are paying for your AV should you not contact them? Personally I would ignore such baloney.

  spuds 21:42 22 Apr 2006

Sounds like a frightener advert. Buys us or else. Forget it, and really on Sophos for solving the intruders.

  mco 22:57 22 Apr 2006

will not panic after all but will do as you say VOg

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