Bloodhound Exploit 6 Trojan

  Alf58 19:42 18 Oct 2004

I seem to have Bloodhound Exploit 6 Trojan on my machine. Norton has alerted me to it but is unable to delete or quarentine it. Access has been denied by Norton. As access has been denied does that mean I have no cause for concern or is the trojan still potentially a danger?

Secondly how can I delete it? On the Norton knowledge base it seems to say this particular threat was dealt with by a Microsoft updaten in February. As I am running Win Xp with SP2 why has my system become susceptible I thought SP2 was a cumulative security update.

Would appreciate any replies.

  Alf58 20:06 18 Oct 2004


  VoG II 20:10 18 Oct 2004

Bloodhound.Expoit is a generic detection. In other words Norton thinks it may be a trojan, but it might not.

Try a scan with a² click here

  Jomi 20:13 18 Oct 2004

download and run the free version of adaware here click here

  Dan the Confused 20:18 18 Oct 2004

Do you use Outlook Express 5.5? click here

eScan click here should remove it if the above don't.

  Alf58 00:20 19 Oct 2004

Thank you for the replies. I have downloaded and installed "a squared " and it reports no malware. Looking in the archives there is some suggestion that "Bloodhound" is all part of Norton Anti Virus and sometimes Norton reports certain fragments of code as threats when they are not. This is meant to be avoided if one keeps ones anti virus software and Windows fully updated which of course I have. In short if the Bloodhound Exploit 6 is an error it is not supposed to happen.

Knowing my luck its probably posting all my personal details to some wierdo in Korea.

  SANTOS7 00:31 19 Oct 2004

click here this may help,good luck..........

  Alf58 00:41 19 Oct 2004

No it does not help. My NAV is entirely up to date.Anyway I am unable work out what I am supposed to download from the multi lines of virus definitions etc. I am pretty sure NAV is up to date.

But, hey, thanks for trying to help. It is appreciated.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:48 19 Oct 2004

try a search on google for CW Shredder.

  bertiecharlie 00:49 19 Oct 2004

Not sure which version of NAV you have but can you identify the file that is affected by going to Reports\Activity Log\Virus Alerts?

I had a similar thing a while back and the affected file was an IE5 Temporary internet file. It was a false alarm.

You can clear your IE5 files by using the latest version of CCleaner from click here

In CCleaner, tick all the Internet Explorer boxes and, after cleaning, reboot.

  Alf58 18:54 19 Oct 2004

Yes it is in the ie6 temporary files. NAV 2004 identifies it as such. The virus warning only appears when i first log on to Kazaa light Revolution. It tells me it can't be quarantined or removed and then access is denied.I wonder if the file NAV is worried about is embedded in Kazza Light Revolution? THe warning does not appear at any other time. I have used CC cleaner and rebooted as you suggest but as soon as I log on to Kazaa the warning is there. Maybe I need a different version of Kazaa.

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