blood flow

  jtw 17:22 10 Sep 2004

How do I stem the flow of blood from my finger as I sit here in casualty?
Cut the bloody thing trying to remove the tiscali cd that was attached between pages in the latest pc mag and it shattered. Why can't it just be stuck in like usual?

(Just a friday moan)

  €dstowe 17:35 10 Sep 2004

Stretch some of the over-dosed glue that held the disc to the mag over the cut.

  jtw 17:49 10 Sep 2004

You miss my point. No glue now- the disc is somehow wedged in the fold of the mag and is impossible to shift. It will always snap if forced.

(hey this is getting to be serious thread)

  Dorsai 17:56 10 Sep 2004

I trus it was not this mag?

  end 17:58 10 Sep 2004

is it still bleeding (yes,,asking this seriously), and , if so, are you holding the finger up (serious) back please..

  €dstowe 18:13 10 Sep 2004

Oh, don't have my copy yet.

  jtw 18:16 10 Sep 2004

Certainly was pc advisor.
A lifelong customer.
How do I sue?

  jtw 18:17 10 Sep 2004

Dear end

am holding not just one but two fingers up!!!

  end 18:19 10 Sep 2004

be serious please; am "medically-minded".

what exactly have you done and are the fingers still bleeding;

  jtw 18:23 10 Sep 2004

Oh for God sake.

I lied about the blood.

I'm just pathetic!!!

Cd still did snap though.

  end 19:05 10 Sep 2004

I am one that does not joke where medical matters are concerned.......

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