blonde moment

  morph1976 23:48 07 Nov 2003

does msn operate two email addresses as in and hotmail and if so what is the difference??

  Sir Radfordin 00:08 08 Nov 2003

yes, you can have email accounts in the domain or the domain. Nothing blonde about it!

  morph1976 14:41 08 Nov 2003

ah ok lol is there any difference ? ? i have an address but its storage is limited

  Rtus 14:49 08 Nov 2003

it appears storage is limited to blonde's only To be more specific Dye your hair to say brunette So if you get more space ???

  woodchip 14:58 08 Nov 2003

about twenty seven years old

  ? ???K??M? 15:05 08 Nov 2003

There is a storage limit on both around 1 meg i think unless you pay in witch case you need msn8 witch costs you,but you can manage you emails and folders to delete what you dont need and only accept emails from people in your address book there for saving you space regards.

  ? ???K??M? 15:07 08 Nov 2003

And the blonde fantasys of members dont count lol.

  Sir Radfordin 15:54 08 Nov 2003

Get a yahoo acount you get 6mb with them :)

  Valvegrid 17:24 08 Nov 2003

Lycos has got 15 meg!

  morph1976 21:09 08 Nov 2003

had to stitch my sides together there with laughing so much.not.ty for the help chaps

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