Blocking unwanted parasites

  Border View 12:18 11 Apr 2009

I have software installed, as recommended in this forum a while ago. It blocks certain adverts from loading on different web sites. All you get in their place is that Internet Explorer cannot load the page.

I have Google as my home page on Internet Explorer and quite recently whenever I try logging on to IE I get the message that the page could not be loaded and the operation has been aborted.

Anyone else had similar problems? Does this mean that Google's home page has a parasite embedded?


  birdface 13:44 11 Apr 2009

Maybe download and use Firefox until you get I/Explorer sorted.

click here

I have just had the same problem opening a Firefox page and not the first time to-day Not sure what the problem is.

I get pop ups from A squared warning me of some bad programs nearly every time I browse for anything.It always wants me to allow or deny access to the program which I always agree to.But sometimes when browsing you cannot then open that page but it does not bother me as I know that a Squared is doing its job.

Maybe let us know what program you think is denying you entry or let us know what programs that you were advised to download.

  Border View 14:35 11 Apr 2009

Hi Buteman

The program I use was from click here

I use Opera without any problem. Will try and replicate problem with IE and post exact wording.

Thanks for responding.

  Border View 07:48 18 Apr 2009

Problem seems to have resolved itself.

  Border View 18:34 19 Apr 2009

No it hasnt, started again. Internet Explorer cannot load this web site, operation aborted. Starting to think that there is a nasty on my home page of G.

  birdface 18:40 19 Apr 2009

I always use that Host File with no problems and it updates once a month.You should have no problem with it.It is just the monthly update and looks as though it has only came out to-day as i have been trying to get it for about a week now so that I could update mine.

  birdface 18:50 19 Apr 2009

I have just downloaded that new version that you posted with no ill effects.maybe it only effects the Google homepage but I will try it and see.

  birdface 18:54 19 Apr 2009

No problems with Google I would say to give it a try and download the latest version.It should be ok and may fix your problem.

  birdface 18:58 19 Apr 2009

Did your problems start at the same time as you downloaded the host file or sometime after downloading it.
Unlikely to be the Host file possibly your Firewall but I would run your security programs just to see if they find anything.
Maybe try Malwarebytes free version.

  birdface 19:03 19 Apr 2009

Maybe try.Run.type in cmd.Command prompt will open.type in ipconfig /flushdns A Small space between ipconfig and forward slash or it will not work.Ok.It should tell you that DNS cache has been cleared flushed if so reboot computer and see if it works any better.

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