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  ootie 14:58 23 Mar 2010

hello again guys! I REALLY hope that you can help. I am having problems with my 14yr old son using the internet to search for 'gang related topics', specifically on You Tube. Can I block him accessing specific sites like this? I'm sure you'll think I'm really thick, but i'm not good at all of this stuff. I've got parental controls on the laptop, but it's not enough and to be honest the whole 'gang' this scares me witless. Please help if you can! THANKYOU :o)

  mgmcc 17:25 23 Mar 2010

You can block any particular site by using the "Hosts" file in Windows, but you do need to know the actual URL to block. For example you could globally block "", but blocking a particular type of file within YouTube wouldn't be so easy.

Some routers also have the facility to block access to websites whose URLs you enter.

The "Hosts" file is a plain text file with no extension and is located in the path:


To block YouTube, you would add the line:

The effect of this is to divert requests for that address instead to, which is the loopback address to your own PC where, of course, the page doesn't exist.

  james105051 17:54 23 Mar 2010
  BRYNIT 19:05 23 Mar 2010

In internet explorer go to Tools/Internet Options/Content/Enable/Approved sites, type in the web page you want to block.

If you want to block type in * and select never this should block all links to this site.

Once you have put in all the sites you want to block click on the general tab and put a tick against "Users can see websites that have no ratings". You should also click on create a password.

If you want to gain access to these blocked sites you can always put a tick in the other box and it will ask for your password to gain access.

Also depending on the firewall program you have you can sometime set it to block these websites as well.

  ootie 17:03 29 Mar 2010

i just wanted to say thankyou for your help! As you can imagine, there are so many scary things on the net, and you have really helped someone who really has no idea!! I really appreciate it! Thanks again to you all x x

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