Blocking senders in Outlook 2002

  T.A.B. 16:53 22 Nov 2004

I particulary want to be able to block a sender in Outlook 2002. Precisely, I want to be able to block the downloading of all email from one particular email address. I find that I cannot write a message rule to do this. Strange, since it is definitely possible in Outlook Express and I had thought that Outlook was more functional. Can anyone help?

Tony B.

  Cook2 17:07 22 Nov 2004

Get click here , it's a Spam blocker but can equally block anyone of your choice. It's FREE and works!

  T.A.B. 21:05 22 Nov 2004

Thank you, that is very useful. But I realise that I worded the question sloppily. I want to be able to block the download of incoming emails with a particular `TO' email address, so as to avoid downloading emails addressed to a family member sharing the same domain but with a different email address and using a different computer. Any ideas how this can be done in Outlook 2002?

  Cook2 21:20 22 Nov 2004

Yes you can each have a copy of the programme I mentioned.

If you are [email protected] and another family member is [email protected], the first time you get mail for abloggs2 you can block it. abloggs2 does the same but blocks abloggs.

You will still receive mail from abloggs2 and them from you because they will be in your allowed senders list.

The only problem I can see is if one person sends you each an e-mail as you would have blocked sender. Try it and see.

There must be a way in the settings set-up of doing what you want. (Hopefully, fingers crossed).

  T.A.B. 20:12 28 Nov 2004

Thanks for your continued interest and clear definition of the problem. You're right, I can block senders, which is fine so long as the same sender isn't sending to each of us.
It seems that Outlook 2002 just doesn't have the same message rules as Outlook Express, which allow you to prevent download from the server according to what's in the `To' box.
Looks like the problem is insoluble. But thanks anyway.

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