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  nick_j007 13:39 08 Feb 2004

Hello all,
When I download all my messages in OE I have a few spammers there of course. I can add them to my blocked senders list but it would seem only one at time. Is there a way to select the ones I want to block en-mass then select block senders? Frustrating that I have to go one by one.



  AndyJ 15:02 08 Feb 2004

Have you contemplated using Mailwasher click here

  Sheila-214876 15:07 08 Feb 2004

Know exactly how you feel. The only way I know of blocking in bulk is to block all senders from the address after the @ bit. For example hotmail allows blocking of all spam from any address after the @ bit. But if I do that any of my friends who have a hotmail account ( will not be able to send me any emails. I think you may have to live with blocking them separately. Also, of course, if you block one name like me @anyisp.? then they will just change the bit before the @ so it's a no win situation.

  nick_j007 16:45 08 Feb 2004

Thanks Andy.
I did sometime ago run Mailwasher. My issue though is that I was spending as much time going to mailwasher first and sorting it out there, then going to OE to read my mail! Was I doing something wrong do you think, or is that the way it goes?
Thanks ennuye. It's not me then, I really can't mark three emails say and block them all at once. Is there a limit to the blocked senders list I wonder?

Ho hum. Problem is too that I have to open some emails to find out who it is from as they are becoming more and more plausible in the subject line. Though having said that I find that if you add to the blocked senders list it will give the true email address then anyway.


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