Blocking Administrator access from user's docs

  mun 16:20 18 May 2004

Hi,received my first edition of PC Advisor this month and was very interested in the 50 tips on Windows, especially Tip #16.
Basically, I wanted to NOT allow Administrator access to My Document folders and this tip seemed good, but I see a flaw in the plan. I can set the "Allow" & "deny" check boxes in my XP SP1 Home version "properties/Sharing " section which is fine and I can even put a password on my account. But then if you read Tip 13, it suggests that not only can you hit F8 on Startup to get a non-password entrance to Safe-Mode thru the Administrator icon but you can also change any users password and then go into their account with your newly setup up password and view their documents or just alter the viewing rights for the Administrator. Either way, it seems pointless having Tip 16 to keep prying Administrators (or baby sitters/thieves) out of your important documents.
Hopefully, I've missed an important point-can anyone help?
Thanks in advance

  recap 16:29 18 May 2004

I think reading your comments above, the tips are on about the "User Account" and not the "My Documents" folder. Yes I agree that a user account password can be changed but, if you set a different password for the "My Documents" folder then that folder would still be protected. That is unless you give the password for that folder away.

  mun 16:46 18 May 2004

Thanks for the quick reponse Recap. Sounds right in what you said, but how do you set up a password for the My Docs folder? Windows Help function wasn't much help!!
Thanks again

  Mikè 17:36 18 May 2004

Don't think you can set a password for a folder in xp home unless you zip it.

  mun 10:16 25 May 2004

Thanks for the response Mike, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I think you're right it looks like a security flaw in the Microsoft software. I haven't managed to find a way around it yet

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