Blocked (?) inkjet nozzle

  Emsie 10:28 22 Apr 2005

The cyan head on our Epson C82 printer has totally stopped printing. We've tried the head-cleaning facility numerous times, on different days, and changed the cartridge, but with no success. The printer registers that there is a full cartridge loaded, and all the other nozzles work fine, using high-quality compatible inks.

The printer is out-of-warranty, and the 'local' service place is miles away. Please, does anyone know
1. If there's a special cleaning cartridge one can use? - Or a DIY cleaning procedure??
2. If that doesn't work, can we replace the nozzle/head ourselves fairly easily? And if so, where would we get one?
Many thanks for advice.

  vitrocmax 10:37 22 Apr 2005

Epson's print heads are in the printer, not in the ink cartridge like with HP. I gave up on my Epson 810 because of the amount of cleaning needed to get a print (despite only ever using genuine Epson ink), and bought an HP instead.

Cleaning cartridges are available, but not always successful. Try click here

I haven't looked for your particular printer.

  961 10:38 22 Apr 2005

These print heads do need to be used at least weekly to keep the ink from drying especially if the printer is in a warm room. With Epson unfortunately the print head is part of the printer, as opposed to HP where the print head is part of the cartridge and easily replaced

You can buy cartridges with cleaners to try to unblock the nozzles but before going down this road consider the age of the printer and if it is not better to just go and buy a new one. Manufacturers bring out new models every 6 months or so, and it is often possible to get the just replaced model at half price

It is not generally considered economic to replace the print heads on Epson, as this usually costs much more than replacing the printer

If you do buy a new printer consider those makes that do allow you to buy the print head in the cartridge. HP and some others

  woodchip 10:50 22 Apr 2005

Check this click here

  pj123 10:56 22 Apr 2005

There are cleaning cartridges, and some Compatible ink suppliers do them. Choice Stationery maybe. click here

I think you will find the print heads are all one unit so you would have to change them all. Not a DIY job. But likely to cost more than a new printer anyway.

  wiz-king 11:09 22 Apr 2005

If the print head can be removed, stand it in a dish with on wad of wet kitchen towel for a couple of hours and then try again. If you cant remove the head you can try the same thing just with some wet towel if the head is in the change cartridge position, just wedge it under the head and dont let too much water run into the printer. Sometime a rub with a wet cotton bud will remove any dried ink. If not ...... new printer, it's almost as cheap as getting the old one repaired.

  Indigo 1 11:13 22 Apr 2005

Try this click here if you are feeling adventurous, it worked for my Epson Photo 870

  Indigo 1 11:17 22 Apr 2005

Or even click here

  vitrocmax 11:34 22 Apr 2005

Thanks, guys. I am not the OP but your comments are useful. I will get the old printer out of the garage and try the tips.

  wednesday 13 12:39 22 Apr 2005

These are common epson problems and recently happened to me and I got an epson C66. The canon Ip1500 is also a good one and this was my second choice.

  jack 14:48 22 Apr 2005

All the damp tissue advice is good if you can add some alcohol ISOpropanl or the drinking kind [vodka!]so much the better

Also I have found an odd liength of flex fine ply tubing aboutb the place the fitted the cart nozzle.
attacvhethis to a syring with the water/alchol solution -worked treat.

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