Blocked Email

  Jethro 19:03 16 Jun 2004

I cannot receive emails properly as of yesterday. I am using Outlook Express and Windows 98. I receive the same 10 emails over and over again and see a dialogue box that says there are 34 more to come but they never arrive. All the time the icon in the system tray says that I am receiving mail but it never finishes. Can anyone help?

  Valvegrid 19:13 16 Jun 2004

If you can go to the webmail on your ISP and manage the emails there?

  johnnyrocker 19:14 16 Jun 2004

i would think the amount of mail is too large for your mailbox settings and if they dont all d/load they start all over again if your mail is a pop based one click here and edit your mailbox direct from the server before it hits your in box and you should be ok


  Jon.DN 22:11 18 Jun 2004

Go to 'Tools' then 'Accounts', click on 'Mail' tab
then 'Properties' and 'Advanced' tab...At bottom of this page remove tick from 'Leave a copy of messages on server' Click apply and ok.
To clear blocked mail box you'll either need to contact your ISP or clear them from a web based mail service like Mail2Web...

  Botch Casually 19:50 19 Jun 2004

I am suffering the same problem using outlook express and windows xp. I can access the isp direct and clear the message there but it is a slow process. this has only started happening recently and makes having antispam software completely farcical.
Like Jethro I'd appreciate any good advice on this one.

  zipdrive 19:54 19 Jun 2004

Not sure who your ISP is, but when I had this problem I had to use Telnet to delete the offending message. It was over 6MB's!!. There was a limit size on incoming emails. You will need to check with your ISP on using Telnet and the commands to use. Hope that helps.

  PSF 19:59 19 Jun 2004

I would do as Valvegrid says go to the webmail of your isp. You will probably find there is something wrong with the 11th e-mail. On the site you can delete it and then it will allow the other 33 e-mails to download.

If in doubt to which one is causing the problem read all the e-mails on the webmail and delete them.

I have seen this a couple of times and that is how I cured it.

  zipdrive 20:03 19 Jun 2004

I would just like to add that when I had the problem email, I could not dlete it via Webmail. Telnet was the only way to delete it.

  Valvegrid 21:43 19 Jun 2004

Hmmm, looks like it's been resolved without any feedback on what the cure was, never mind.

Kind regards

  Botch Casually 08:39 21 Jun 2004

I don't know about jethro but I have tried mailwasher and the fault persisted. The messages that hang are not large often being only 20-40K.
I can delete them manually via the isp (NTL) but it's a slow process.

  wee eddie 21:09 21 Jun 2004

say 5Mg can appear to download for ever.

If one loses patience and exit, you have to start all over again, and again, etc.

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