Block unpleasant Ad - Android Samsung SIII

  Guady 08:14 08 Sep 2013

Do hope someone can help me! I have a Samsung SIII mini and I love it - except that an unpleasant Ad (porn) keeps appearing and asking me to download a "sexy" App. The phone warns that it might cause damage and I cancel it each time - but the Ad has a rather explicit photo which I'd rather not see! Sometimes it seems to come with an extension .apk and other times it looks like a web page - both have the same picture. My question is - can I Block both the web page and the .apk item. It's just unpleasant to see and I'm trying not to look at the phone when anyone's around - just in case the Ad appears. Help please!

  chub_tor 09:40 08 Sep 2013

I don't know how to block random pop ups on Android but if this has started recently it sounds as if it has been attached to another recent app download. Look back through your Downloads using Task Manager (all apps will have the .apk suffix so that you can install them). Sort them by Date and remove any installed since you started getting this pop up. One of them is causing it. If you haven't installed the free AVG antivirus for Android then install it now and run a scan.

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