bloated xp install

  dit 23:43 28 Dec 2004

new 160 gb hard drive. fresh install of xp pro and service pack 2 takes up 28 gbs of disc space. is this normal. any ideas . dit

  ACOLYTE 23:47 28 Dec 2004

i would say 4-4.5 gig with nothing else on the drive but,you would be starting at 149 gb with the drive formated.

  keith-236785 08:51 29 Dec 2004

as ACOLYTE says about 4 gig is the usual for a full XP + SP2 install though i have put winxp on a 4 gig drive before and still had room for officexp.

28gig is definitely wrong, even with the loss of space due to formatting and an installation of windowsXP, you should still have around 145gig left


your drive is stuck in the 136 gig windows limit (service pack 1 or 2 take care of this problem)

that would make sense numbers wise, if you hover your mouse over your C: drive in My Computer and take a look at the numbers. if it says Total Size = 136 gig then thats where the problem lies. If it says 28gig used then thats another thing.

it might be possible there is a hidden partition taking up the other space or it just hasnt been set up to be used.

just some ideas to play around with, let us know what you see.

  dit 22:05 01 Jan 2005

happy new year to you all. i reformated using win98 start-up disk and re-installed xp and service pack2. total space used was less than 4 gig.thanks for your help


  woodchip 22:18 01 Jan 2005

As above I think you are Expecting your 160Gb disc to be 160Gb "it's not" it will be about 145Gb in to days terms

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