Blinking Underscore on new laptop hdd to pc

  Omari Natelashvili 12:32 13 Dec 2018

Hey i recently bought a HDD from a person that was leptop and want to use in PC but this blinking underscore is making me mad... it is SATA MB:p5kc 1tb WD Blue hdd.

  wee eddie 13:37 13 Dec 2018

If this is the only Hard Drive in your PC, have you put an Operating System onto it?

  Omari Natelashvili 13:57 13 Dec 2018

actually i have 2 hard drive one is old where is my system (Main) installed and now i am using it and 2nd is that laptop hdd wich i bought and there is win 10 installed maybe there is a chance that in win it is specified to launch on UEFI bios cuz i have Legacy and will win10 reinstall help it >?

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