Blinking texts and moving pictures in webpages

  Revi 16:34 09 Feb 2005

What are the most common softwares that are used when texts fall into their place from different corners of the page as well as moving pictures appear? Can such effects be achieved by using ready made codes or must one learn programming?

  Talented Monkey 17:01 09 Feb 2005

Please.. No... no, please no. I cant take any more.....please no who will save me from my animated
nightmare..........ibble ibble..........arrrrghhhhhhh

  Talented Monkey 17:27 09 Feb 2005

before i awnser the question i'll just say i hate anything animated,personally there is no place these days for anything to do with these kind of animation tricks, well no quite true there are some uses for animation such as to demonstrate somthing working or giving instructions. But anything else should be confined to personal webpages, only if you must.

Ok rant more or less over, i could write an article on this but thats getting off topic!

the main two culprits, i mean erm methods employed are JavaScript and to lesser extent flash. there are countless online libraries around where you can find effects such as you discribe of course if you can programme then you have a bit of advantage to tweak code for your precise effect wanted.

here is one such library you migh find something
click here

  Revi 18:07 09 Feb 2005


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