Blinking power LED

  Night Ryder 21:54 20 Feb 2006

This has happened about three times during the last two weeks. There seems to be no tie to the length of time the PC is switched on. I'll be working on my PC .. can be anything from graphics to just viewing email. The first warning I get is a clicking sound from one or all of the hard drives. Shortly after the screen freezes ... mouse pointer stops responding. I have no option but to cut the power and re boot.
The PC will not boot. All fans running and the power led flashing. If I persist, cutting power and re booting sometimes It'll come back and continue working until I've finished my work.

I've had the PC appart recently, cleaned and checked all the fans to make sure they are all working. Removed cleaned and refitted all power, IDE connectors etc., Didn't find any obvious problems. I suspect either the power supply or motherboard. Anyone got any ideas?

  Derek 08:20 21 Feb 2006

The next thing I would try is to disconnect all drives apart from just one. If the fault remains then connect up another single drive.

  wobblymike 08:58 21 Feb 2006

I suggest you go to m inimum configuration - i.e disconnect everything from the mobo except power, cpu and fan, graphics output and 1 stick of RAM. Switch on does PC boot the monitor? if no or no intermittently you know your problem is within this configuration. Do the easy things first try a different RAM stick and another graphics card (or if onboard graphics try a pci graphics card) - if problem remains you are left with PSU, mobo or cpu.
If on first switch on above PC boots monitor ok - repeat until you are happy that it is consistent if so problem is with one of the components disconnected or a bad connection. Boot problems like this in my experience are rarely caused by hard drives - more often by RAM or badly seated RAM modules or faulty mobos. Hope this helps

  Night Ryder 21:31 23 Feb 2006

Many thanks for all suggestions. I disconnected
all cables (ide, supplies, ram and reseated everything after a clean). PC has worked OK for a week now.... Fingers crossed.

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