Blind Carbon Copy

  Pesala 13:19 30 Oct 2003

I've seen BCC in my email program, but never use it. What does it mean and what is the difference to CC?

  tbh72 13:22 30 Oct 2003

It hides the e-mail recipients, I have created a disposable email address "[email protected]" which I place in the TO: field, the real recipients are then placed in the BCC filed. There e-mail address are hidden from spammers etc.

  Peverelli 14:04 30 Oct 2003

I always use it when sending emails to multiple recipients because I'm not sure whether some of them would be too pleased if certain others found out their email addresses. Pressing Alt+B when composing an email hides the Bcc line, or makes it viewable if it's already hidden.

  Peverelli 14:07 30 Oct 2003

There's no need to create a disposable email address. You can leave the 'To' field empty and just fill in the Bcc field.

  lindyloo4 15:35 30 Oct 2003

As I understand it - if you send e-mails to a main recipient with carbon copies to others then ALL recipients can see who the e-mail was sent to. However, if you send a blind carbon copy no one would be aware of that recipient.

  Djohn 15:39 30 Oct 2003

That's correct. I received an e-mail the other day that the sender had mailed to twenty four other people. The address of each one was there for me to see. if BCC had been used, I would not have seen these other e-mail address's

  Sir Radfordin 16:28 30 Oct 2003

I was always told that in emails the first C was for courtosy ;)

This is a great feature that is badly used. It is not good to show other people's email address as Djohn has pointed out. However I've seen examples where people have used BCC in more devious ways - passing information to others without the recipent knowing.

  Pesala 16:54 30 Oct 2003

I hope a few others besides me have learnt something new about sending emails. Maybe people ought to pass a driving test before being allowed on the internet highway.

  Tenner 17:03 30 Oct 2003

... and as well as using Bcc, if you address it TO: yourself, you have a record of sending - which could be useful for newsletters etc.


  Sir Radfordin 13:33 31 Oct 2003

No legal requirment yet but there is at least a driving licence: click here

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