bleeding text in word doc

  L.S.D 20:52 26 Sep 2003

I am finding a blue-tinge on my text in my word doc!.
This can be seen after I use Bold,Italic, underline mode`s.
This does not happens to all the words on the same line, just a few, and not allways in the same place.

  MAJ 20:58 26 Sep 2003

Have you tried "Detect and Repair" from the Help menu?........ if you're using MS Word, that is, L.S.D

  Simsy 20:59 26 Sep 2003

do you mean as viewed on screen, or when printed out?



  L.S.D 21:19 26 Sep 2003

(1)Thanks for your info, can run detect and repair do not have my ms-word disk with me right now,
(2)viewed on screen.

  L.S.D 21:21 26 Sep 2003

should have said. can not run detect and repair.

  wee eddie 22:22 26 Sep 2003

and graphics card you are using.

Also possibly your viewing angle, and whether you wear glasses (varilux - bifocal - astigmatic -long/short sight etc)

  Simsy 23:00 26 Sep 2003

opening an old document, one that was created before this started happening.... bold/italic/underline something in this. Does it happen in this document as well?

If it doesn't then I would suggest something weird has happened to corrupt your standard template, which is called ""

If you have customised this at all, rename it, (So you can get your customisations back if the following step doesn't work), then restart Word. This will force the creation of a clean "" Start a new doc and see if it continues to happen. If it doesn't problem solved... if it does... hmmmm?

There is also the possibility that you have managed to set your font colour to a dark blue. Depending on what shade, and your monitor settings, it is not beyond possible that it is only apparent after going bold/italic/underlineing.

I suppose a virus would be capable of achieving this.. have you scanned?

You say you can't do a repair as you don't have the disc... I'm out of options now!

I hope you find a solution from somewhere!

Good luck,



  L.S.D 23:42 26 Sep 2003

Thanks for your info, my graphic card is Radeon 7000, I do not wear glasses.
we are moving house this weekend, so it may be a few days before I get back to you with an update.

thanks again for all your help.


  Simsy 10:05 27 Sep 2003



  -pops- 10:21 27 Sep 2003

One, not too serious, question: Does your moniker have any significance in this?

  wee eddie 10:38 27 Sep 2003

The next thing is that you'll be querying,

"thc"s moniker

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