Blazing fast on start up but slows to a crawl after about 5 minutes

  paulsantorello 03:36 17 Aug 2013

I have a desktop with and AMD fx-6200 processor, 10gb ram, 128 GB SSD, 1.5 tb 7200 rpm hard drive, AMD Radeon HD7570 GPU. The computer has been great up until last night. It is fine on startup and reboot but after about 5-10min of running it slows to a crawl. At first i thought virus or malware but a ran full scan with both AVG and AdAWRE SE and no problems were found. I also tried PCPitstop and it came through without any problems. All pcpitstop tests passed with flying colors and rated pc in the top 14%. All this while it take about 2 minutes to open internet explorer. I can right click on the screen and about 45 seconds later the options box pops up. It takes 3 minutes open up control panel and for everything to appear on screen. It is just ridiculously slow out of no where. I don't know where to start. Also should note its a windows 8 system, no bloarware, cpu usage is at 20% and memory usage is at 13% while this is going on.I have 40GB free on the SSD and 1.1TB free on the HDD. While this going on if i do a reset it will boot in around 15 seconds and be fine for a few minutes then the problem starts again. I tried to do a system restore to an earlier point but it seems as though in my infinite wisdom I never set one. Any ideas on diagnostic software or where to start would be greatly appreciated.

  woodchip 09:13 17 Aug 2013

This may be due to an anti-virus or windows update, try restoring windows to a earlier date. It sounds like AV is checking the site etc as you said its after starting your browser.

PS I use Avast and that can slow things down, due to checking

  paulsantorello 12:16 20 Aug 2013

I formatted everything and did a fresh install of windows 8. No antivirus, no anything....just windows and the problem is still occurring. Computer runs blazing fast on startup then after a little while it slows to a crawl. I thought maybe it was overheating but everything reads 48c which should be fine. Its got to be a hardware issue at this point right? But where to start?

  woodchip 14:10 20 Aug 2013

It may CPU cores are shutting down to conserve power, thinking that they are not needed if you are not multitasking, there should be a way to find this out, but I have no idea from just posting to your post.

You could check what power settings the PC is set to in Power settings in the Control Panel

  paulsantorello 14:23 20 Aug 2013

I do not think that that is the issue. This is a new occurring problem and it is a desktop PC so there should be no power conservation needs. And again, its not as if there is just a small drop in speed...I'm talking about a full minute or more to open windows explorer, moving the mouse from one side of the screen to the other you can see the lag...if I right click on desktop it takes 30 or 45 seconds for the menu to open....there is definitely something WRONG outside of a setting being off. I really appreciate your suggestions as you are the only one who has tried to help so far.

  rdave13 15:30 20 Aug 2013

It sounds as if the SSD isn't optimised or possibly failing. You shouldn't have system restore running on SSD drives. This is an excellent guide to optimising the drive but only do what you're comfortable with. Optimise SSD

For a quick fix have a look at SSD Fresh, not as good as manually optimising it yourself, but better than nowt.

  woodchip 16:54 20 Aug 2013

Could be faulty Graphics, Does it Have a Graphics Card or inbuilt Graphics. Memory on the card can be faulty. as\ you say if it was ok then it most likely is hardware not settings changing.

Check that all Fans that you can see are turning, including Graphics

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