Blaster worm

  eboz 10:06 15 Aug 2003

Help! last night i was infected by what i think was the Blaster worm.
When i go to go online my computer just stops once conected.
My ISP told me to down load a patch of some sorts, which I cant because i cant get online. Any help?

  -pops- 10:09 15 Aug 2003

You are on line now. Check amongst the multitude of threads on this for info on what to do.

  eboz 10:38 15 Aug 2003

Im not on line with my PC. Im using my Dreamcast.
Is there any way of getting my PC on line to download a removal tool?

  -pops- 10:44 15 Aug 2003

You can download the removal tool/Stinger/MS patch from another machine on to disk and then transfer to your own machine. I wasn't inferring that your infected machine was on line. Dreamcast is a stranger to me and I have no idea of its capabilities but you must know someone who can do it even if Dreamcast cannot.

  -pops- 10:46 15 Aug 2003

You could try this click here

  kingkenny 10:55 15 Aug 2003

Don't go online with your PC after you switch it on and disable the DCOM functionality in Windows this should let you stay online long enough to download a patch from Microsoft.

I would first visit here though and download the tool that eradicates the worm: click here

pops links should help you disable the DCOM function aswell

  eboz 20:59 15 Aug 2003

Thanks for your help pops & kingkenny. I've managed to get hold of the patch but my computer still wont go online. After i'm told i'm conected it just sits there doing nothing. It says its looking for a website but does nothing. Some times i get a "cant display page" notice, but I don't get the count down message.
My ISP says that the worm has changed some files in my OS.
Is this possible? How do I fix this?

  kingkenny 12:08 18 Aug 2003

Theres no point using the patch right now, you need to eradicate the worm. I will email the tool to you and if you can access your email on another pc then load it to a disk and then take to your PC and use it. The tool os the one from Symantec and should completely remove the worm then use the patch to fill the gap.

let me know how you get on

  eboz 20:06 18 Aug 2003

I've managed to sort my pc I think. I resorted to formatting my hard drive and reinstalling windows. It seems to have worked. I've used the patch and scan my system with the removal tool and there's no sign of the worm. Thanks for your help kingkenny, this pc stuff is all new to me, I've only had my computer for 3 weeks.

  spread72 22:50 18 Aug 2003

I'm trying to help a friend get rid of blaster, we've used the stinger, and the tool from here, but his pc shuts down before it can do its job

  Teasle 15:08 21 Aug 2003

I think I may be having similiar trouble to spread72. I am trying to help my Dad. I have downloaded Stinger and Fixblaster from my machine and ran it on my Dad's pc but it says it can't find any virii and none detected and yet when we try to log in to the internet it lets us in for about a minute then we get a message about Remote Procedure Call Terminated Unexpectedly and it shuts us down. What can we try now? My Dad has Windows XP Home.

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