Blaster Virus?

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I posted a couple of days ago and said that I had a problem with my XP system shutting down with the message that NT Authority was doing it with a problem in RCP aswell. You guys kindly told me that I'd picked up the Blaster virus and links to various removal tools and patches.Trouble is I've downloaded the Norton tool and Stinger and neither of them could find the virus on my PC. When I try and install the patch it only stays open for 20 seconds or so and I'm sure it's not installing. In desperation as it's a fairly new PC I reinstalled XP and the virus is still there, well I assume it is because I still get the same shutdown message. Some times my system shuts down after 10 minutes or so, other times it will let me continue for 2 hours or so! Have I got a particulary strong form of the virus do you think, and any other ideas on how to get rid of it.

  [DELETED] 12:13 24 Nov 2003

Have you turned off the system restore feature before running stinger?

Also you need to have installed the XP patch (XP-KB823980-x86-ENU) to prevent reinfection. You can get it from Microsoft site.

  [DELETED] 12:36 24 Nov 2003

Yes I'm sure I turned off sys restore before I ran Stinger but I guess I can check that again, I must admit after running that and the Norton removal tool a few times I may of got caught out with the sys restore.

The patch you mention is one of the ones I downloaded from a link someone else gave me and for some reason I can't get it to run.

  [DELETED] 14:11 24 Nov 2003

click here

Follow jester2k 11 instructions....;-o

When i did my mates, " i am win98 so no prob with mine " i downloaded stinger and the patch onto floppies, and they loaded and ran no problem.

  [DELETED] 14:23 24 Nov 2003

Maybe ask someone with a clean machine to download them to floppies for you, and do it that way.

  [DELETED] 22:30 24 Nov 2003

I had a similar problem. I was told to activate the windows firewall. I did this and it allowed me to access the Internet long enough to download the patch

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