Blaster Again!

  yahwob 13:49 28 Nov 2003

My ongoing troubles with the Blaster Virus. I finally realised that I should be running fixblast and fixwelch in safe mode! Both said I didn't have the virus onboard though when they'd finished. I managed to install the XP patch, still in safe mode so in theory I've got rid of the virus. Can anyone tell me then why both Norton and Zone Alarm pro dont work? I've removed and installed them a couple of times but they still dont work. When I double click on them the loading screen comes up and then fades away 30 seconds later and the program dosen't run. Would the virus interfere with either of these two programms. I havn't been connected to the internet that long since I supposedly removed it so perhaps it's still there. Or should I have reinstalled Zone alarm and Norton in safe mode?

as a last resort should reinstall XP and if so what's the safest way to do this so I start again from scratch with no residue programms or folders left over from the orginal installation?

Any ideas, thanks

  johnnyrocker 13:54 28 Nov 2003

first question why safe mode? did you disable system restore while cleansing? if not it will still be there and could be preventing the install of av, it is designed to attack av and disable it to get in in the first place, you could always try system restore i recall having to do that once because of a particularly evil one.


  yahwob 13:59 28 Nov 2003

Yes I've disabled system restore. I'm not 100 percent I've got rid of the virus though. Tried the fix programms in normal mode but it wouldn't let me install the patch in normal mode, same as with av programms, just fades out after 20 seconds. At least in safe mode it let me install the patch.

  johnnyrocker 14:07 28 Nov 2003

do an on line check click here might help
, what about system restore


  yahwob 14:20 28 Nov 2003

Well system restores still off.

  johnnyrocker 14:27 28 Nov 2003

i mean restoring pc to an earlier date but i suspect turning it off will have removed all restore dates.


  yahwob 14:29 28 Nov 2003

Yes all restore points gone.

  johnnyrocker 14:49 28 Nov 2003

did the on line scan show anything?


  yahwob 14:55 28 Nov 2003

Sorry ,dont know yet, I'm using a works pc for these forums. I'll try the scan when I get home tonight.

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