Blank/black screen after shutdown (Laptop)

  FatDevil 18:36 18 May 2017

I had just installed garry's mod, and started it (While downloading (Counter strike: Source). My computer just froze, while I could hear my buddies talk on teamspeak. But i couldn't do anything, not even use "ctrl + alt + delete". So i thought the only option after about 5 min. was to force close it. Though after i force closed it, it and my laptop turned its lights on. The screen wouldn't show any picture, even though the monitor is turned on (The screen became lighter). I tried closing my computer 2 times more (Force closing, since i couldn't see anything on the screen). I let it dry out of power, and turn it on again, which didn't help. I tried taking out the battery, power-cable, and all USB connected devices. And insert the battery and power-cable again, and turn on the laptop, but it didn't help. Though i can use an external monitor, and when i turn my laptop monitor off, i can see the screen stop being blank, and instead be turned off. I have also tried checking if the backlight is dead with a flashlight, but I havn't been avaiable to see anything. Meaning that it isn't the backlight that is dead. Anyone having an idea how to fix this? Sry for my bad english


  Peter Ashley 19:32 18 May 2017

If it works with a monitor plugged in, could you try pressing the 'Windows Key' + P keys. Could you just try duplicate option and see if it displays on the monitor as well?

  FatDevil 19:39 18 May 2017

Sry, it is already on duplicate, and have already tried switching around with all of the options

  Peter Ashley 19:48 18 May 2017

Hmm... that's strange, could you get to the screen resolution settings and see if you can do extended mode or display on the laptop screen only!?

  FatDevil 06:49 19 May 2017

Sry for the long answer time, i feel asleep :/. Well as said i have tried the other options, which include trying to display on only the laptop screen, which didn't help. - FatDevil

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