blank screen at start up

  cliff100 23:48 15 Sep 2008

Hi I wonder if anyone can give me some advice,
when starting up my pc I just get a blank screen.
I am running win XP home
Intel® Pentium® 4 - 630 (3.0GHz,2MB Cache) with HT Tech.
Mini-Tower Micro ATX Case +250W PSU - Black
ASUS P5RD1-VM - ATI Xpress 200 PCI Express Mainboard - Micro ATX
1024MB DDR400 Memory - PC3200 (2x512)
160GB Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB Buffer
CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive (52x32x52x16)
128MB ATI Radeon X700 - TV-Out + DVI - PCI-Express
19" TFT Flat Panel Monitor - DVI & Analogue
DVI connector Cable
The graphics card is different to the original one above it's now a ATI Raedon Sapphire X1650
Pro with 512mb (PCI express) this was changed by Mesh as the last one was fried.
As the blank screen was the same problem as when my last card was replaced I suppected the graphics card. I removed the graphics card and connected the PC with vga cable to the onboard graphics this then worked. So I then purchased a Graphics card from EBAY (exactly the same as before) and installed that. My problem is I still have a blank screen when re inserting the new card and connecting the DVI cable to it. If I leave the card inserted in the PC and use the vga cable I still get a blank screen. The only way to get the PC working is to remove the card altogether, I received a cd and drivers with the new card and I have installed them over the old drivers (updating) but still a blank screen.
Can some one advise on where I am going wrong.
Thanks in advance Cliff

  MCE2K5 01:33 16 Sep 2008

click here

350-Watt power supply or greater (assumes fully loaded system) click here

  ambra4 01:55 16 Sep 2008

In the bios change the display type setting from PCI to PCI-e

PCI is the on board display card

PCI-E is the PCI-E display card connection

  cliff100 07:25 16 Sep 2008

thank you both for replying based on your answers can yuo see below:

In the Bios I have checked and have 3 parts I can change.
PCI Latency timer set to 64
Allocate IRQ toPCI VGA (yes)
Palette Snooping (disabled)

I am lost on all 3 none say PCI express and I am not confident just to change it and see what hapens.

Also the PSU if I buy a 350W PSU is it a straight forward swap out and plug in or do I have to do anything else to the settings ?
thanks for your help


  ambra4 01:15 17 Sep 2008

Is there a listing in the bios “ Primary Graphics Adapter – PCI” change the type to PCI-e

  cliff100 06:55 18 Sep 2008

Thanks Ambra
I could not see a listing in the bios saying primary graphics adapter. But I have just found out I am still under warranty with Mesh. for another month so I have emailed them asking about the problem. I must admit they are not the best
at repairs, but far better than me. They have come back to me and they believe it's either the PSU or the motherboard. I will post the fix on here as it may help someone else at a later date.
But thanks for all your help anyway.


  boon_intheuk 19:46 06 Feb 2009

What was the solution?

  cliff100 11:08 07 Feb 2009

Hi the solution was this :

I got in touch with Mesh computers and they agreed to take the PC back, it only had about two weeks to go before the warranty ran out. In total they had it 50 days :
the engineer they put on it (Dave) didnt have a clue.

First he changed the Harddrive
still no different
Then it was sent back , as soon as i switched it on it was no different. Sent it back Dave again
he replaced the graphics card.
sent back to me.
This all took 50 days it lasted 2 days
Went back Dave was no longer working for Mesh ( I wonder why). New motherboard and sent back to me
worked for approx 1 week went again.
Gave up with Mesh went to my local PC shop they re installed XP and since then it has worked OK touch wood.
In short I will never buy from MESH again and always get a service warranty that repairs at home.

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