A blank screen on my laptop

  howieb1971 12:46 15 Jan 2010

Hi can anyone help????
i have a laptop and recently i have recovered it from a virus but now when i start my laptop after signing in i get a blank screen i can access the task manager to start things but apart from that i have no task bar no background nothing.

please please help


  MAJ 13:06 15 Jan 2010

You say you can access Task Manager, if so then open TM, click the Processes tab and see if "Explorer.exe" (I don't mean Iexplorer.exe) is running. If it isn't, in TM, go to File > New Task (Run...) and start explorer.exe, see if that restores your desktop etc.

  howieb1971 22:27 15 Jan 2010

thanks very much you are ife saver

  MAJ 22:51 15 Jan 2010

But what happens when you reboot your laptop, howieb1971, does it (the blank screen) happen again?

  MAJ 23:17 15 Jan 2010

If it happens every time you start your laptop, go to Start > Run and type in:


and click OK. When regedit opens, navigate to (in the lefthand pane):

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Then click on the "Winlogon" folder. It's contents will appear in the righthand pane. Double-click on the "Shell" entry in the righthand pane and in the "Value Data:" field of the dialog box that appears, make sure the only entry in that field is explorer.exe Click OK and close regedit. That should solve the problem.

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