Blank screen and intermitant beeps on boot-up...

  luvpup 10:38 23 Nov 2003

The Background :

The problem pc is an AMD 750MHz slot1 CPU on a GA-7IXE mobo. This machine has been used soley for the testing of pc components (hdd's, graphics cards etc...), and as a result, it gets switched on and off quite often each day...

The problem :

When booting up, it powers up fine and the hdd makes a "booting" noise, searches for floppy etc., but the screen stays blank and about 3 seconds after hitting the power switch, it does intermitant beeps about 2/3 seconds apart.

Solution :

Hoping you can help me here, I've tried a different monitor, took out CMOS battery, reduced RAM to 1 stick, checked all cable connectors etc... What is the problem?

thanks for your time...

  A_World_Maker 10:51 23 Nov 2003

dare I say, but after all the 'taking out and putting in' cards etc... you might have cracked the mobo?

  A_World_Maker 10:54 23 Nov 2003

From the bad old dates of dealing with DOS, I seem to recall that the length and frequency of the beeps, actually mean something... giving an indication of what is wrong.. a bit like morse code? Can you elaborate on the beeps?

  luvpup 10:58 23 Nov 2003

The first beep arrives exactly 5 seconds after power-up and then beeps every 3 seconds there-after. Don't think mobo is cracked (tried AGP, all PCI and the 2 ISA slots for a display) Nothing, I also remember something about the beeps mean something, but where do you find out. I d/l the manual last night, but there is nothing in there on trouble-shooting this board...

  A_World_Maker 11:02 23 Nov 2003

try here click here I assume you have acrobat reader installed?

  A_World_Maker 11:03 23 Nov 2003

one section says.. One Single Beep followed by 3,
4, or 5 beeps
System board problems, possibly
with DMA, CMOS, setup chip, timer,
or system bus

  FormatKing 11:04 23 Nov 2003

beep codes differ with mbd's
gen 2 +1 vid card
8 or more ram
if you have mbd manual should it should have the beep codes listed

  A_World_Maker 11:04 23 Nov 2003

I've copied the rest here for you..

Two Beeps The POST numeric code is displayed
on the monitor

Two Beeps followed by 3, 4, or 5
First 64k of RAM has errors

Three Beeps followed by 3,4, or
5 beeps
Keyboard controller failed or video
controller failed

Four Beeps followed by 2, 3, or
4 beeps
Problem with serial or parallel ports,
system timer, or time of day

Continuous Beeps Problem with power supply

  A_World_Maker 11:06 23 Nov 2003

all these are 'generic' and different mobo manufactures use different signals... (why not just make it hard for us).. and way, if you let me know the mobo maker, I'll search more for you

  A_World_Maker 11:07 23 Nov 2003

here is the link for the manual click here

  luvpup 11:11 23 Nov 2003

Cool, I appreciate this is a Giga-byte GA-7IXE running a AMD 750Mhz slot1 CPU, with 1 stick of 128Mb RAM PC100 (tried 3 sticks of the same RAM, same things happens - was originally using all 3 RAMS in this machine)

I've checked click here, got the manual, but could not find the info I need...

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