Blank screen after Windows Logo on start up

  Thebookmark 19:46 26 Aug 2018

Hi there,

Last night I was playing a game that suddenly just crashed and whole pc completely froze with no way of getting out it other than to reset via power button. This morning I turned it on and no matter what I did the pc won't load past the windows logo on start up and it just stays black. Somethings I have tried: removing ram sticks separately, booting off two different hdds, system restore (can't complete due to an error), Run safe mode (same problem safe mode won't progress past the windows logo either and I have tried with networking and command prompt), Blowing out all the dust, Swapped to a VGA cable, Disabling fast boot, Removed all peripherals

None of this works and I have noticed that when I load up the BIOS or when doing a check disk scan there are two parallel vertical green pixelated lines running down the screen but it doesn't occur on the windows logo load up maybe because it's black?

I am running Windows 10, 8gb ram, gpu is a Msi Radeon r9 270x 4gb, 250gb SSD that has plenty of space left. All peripherals plugged in work. No other problems have occurred with this

I'm thinking the GPU is damaged? It is 4 years old and I do use it a lot but it is not overclocked. I can't get into the pc to check the drivers so what to do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:00 27 Aug 2018

HAve you run the start up repair from the Repair your computer menu?

(power on - power off after 5 secs - repeat three times and then let it boot and it should go to the tools menu)

  Thebookmark 16:06 27 Aug 2018

Thanks for the reply, yes one of the first things I tried. Just comes up with repair not being able to be completed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 27 Aug 2018

sometimes you need to do the repairs from a bootable DVd or USB you can download and make one from MSenter link description here

  simmotipo 14:46 28 Aug 2018


So, I did my usual digging and found a couple of incidents (albeit with the AMD version) when the R9 270x would crash and, just like in your case, would prevent windows from booting past the Windows Logo or draw green bars on the screen.

In these cases it was due to drivers, so it's possible that the drivers could be the issue here.

These are the particular posts I found: 1) This one refers to getting stuck on startup: click here And this one (albeit not in the BIOS) has vertical green lines (but way more than two!) click here the best way to go about this is to remove the HDD and put it into a second computer (ideally with a different GPU), make sure you've got all the latest drivers on it, then take it and put it back into the original machine and try booting again.

I hope this helps!

2) Probably

  Thebookmark 17:19 29 Aug 2018

Ok so thanks for the advice guys but unfortunately nothing is still working. I tried the windows usb boot and repair still not completing.

Here's what else I did: Swapped to integrated graphics and manage to load up fine no problems. Fiddled about with settings and uninstalled the driver for the gpu, but despite doing that it still said the driver was still on there so I went into device manager and uninstalled from there. Reinstalled the latest driver from the website and restarted. Now it appears I have those green lines like this: I I I I I I I I I across my whole screen and device manager does not acknowledge the GPU anymore it just says "video controller (vga compatible). Also after start up the catalyst control center says there is no driver installed or not functioning properly but if I try and install it again it says it is already installed. I tried disabling the integrated graphics from BIOS and set it to PCIE but still the same problem. PC runs absolutely fine when plugged into the integrated graphics so I can only conclude my 4 year old gpu has given up on me.

Any further advice would be appreciated but I will be looking to replace it now I think.

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