blank screen after laptop HD replacement

  bigballoo 12:33 01 Jun 2005

I have just replaced the HD on my DELL Inspiron 8500. When I go to switch it on, it either switches itself off or gives me a blank screen. Can anyone help?

  wee eddie 13:09 01 Jun 2005

Is it a Dell Hard Drive or have they Tattooed it.

  bigballoo 13:34 01 Jun 2005

The HD in the Dell was a Fujitsu. What do you mean by tattoed?

  wee eddie 13:58 01 Jun 2005

In order to load the OS provided by the manufacturer, it has to be able to identify the HDD as one of it's own.

This means that in order to use your Recovery software, you either have to buy from Dell or send your new HDD to Dell to have it Tattooed. I gather they charge about £20 for this service.

  TomJerry 14:00 01 Jun 2005

did you fix it properly and firmly?

still does not work, must be faulty

  bigballoo 14:19 01 Jun 2005

I can here the HD intialize but the screen does not switch on..

  wee eddie 14:24 01 Jun 2005

If not, how do you plan to install your OS.

I know that this might seem a trifle obvious to a seasoned Techie but!

  jack 14:32 01 Jun 2005

IS this HDD is one you have installed?
Assuming you have not disturbed/broken anything screenwize- you should get P.O.S.T
Then the drive needs F Disk and format.
What sort of floppy or optical drives does this machine have?
How are you going to get the O/S into it?
Dell do like to keep it all to themselves, so that their machines are not so mackaboutable as norma bits nad pieces machines.
Wee Eddie my have a point.

  bigballoo 14:56 01 Jun 2005

It is a well known fact that Dell like to keep things to themselves. This is the first time I have replaced a laptop hard drive. I have hooked the laptop up to an external monitor and still get the same as the laptop screen. So I shall return the HD and ask for a replacement. Many thanks for your help and comments.

  wee eddie 15:16 01 Jun 2005

New Hard Drives have nothing on them, unless you buy them from PCW of course! I think that you need to boot the Drive from the Recovery CD and load the OS from there.

If it did not come from Dell. Have a chat with their Help Line

  woodchip 15:22 01 Jun 2005

Probably not compatible with the Dell Laptop. It can be a Problem with some Laptops. The drive fits OK but will not work, Satalight Computer as that problem. You may have to take the drive back and swap it For a Toshiba or Hitachi

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