Blank Screen

  cg_macdonald 16:50 16 Mar 2003

Have just built a pc with:
MSI motherboard
duron 1.1ghz cpu
128mb ram

have installed w98 on the hard drive already.

all the components excluding the cpu have been used before in another computer and work fine.

on switching the power on I get 1 bleep then the hard disk kicks in and boots up the cpu gets hot nd the fan runs and it sounds just like the pc starts up however there is just a black screen. This is using the onboard vga socket. Have tried using a graphics card to no avail.

All the parts work in my other computer and it boots up fine.

i read in one of the other posting that it could be the cmos battery, how long should they last?

can anyone help?


  Quick.silver101 19:14 16 Mar 2003


Its nothing to do with the CMOS battery.

If it is anything to do with the CMOS settings, then all you will have to do wil be to take the battery out for 2.5 seconds and then put it back in. This will wipe the cmos settings and return the BIOS to their default state.

It does sound like you will need to check the jumpers on your mainboard as it may just be an address bus problem.

Refer to the mainboard help book for the correct jumper settings.

  cg_macdonald 20:34 16 Mar 2003

cheers i will try that.


  -pops- 20:44 16 Mar 2003

I'd be very concerned if my CPU became noticeably hot in the very short time you seem to have had it switched on.


  Legolas 20:47 16 Mar 2003

My system does something similar if I overclock it using the BIOS settings, to get it back to default setting and allow it to boot up successfully I do as Quick.silver101 says remove the battery for a few seconds and replace this should reset the bios to the default setting worth a try .

  cg_macdonald 10:04 17 Mar 2003

Have tried the battery thing and the users manual of the motherboard there isn't any jumpers that I can see would make a difference. Is there a specific one I should look for. the hard disk isn't beeping any longer. is there anything else i could try.



  cg_macdonald 10:36 21 Mar 2003

Thanks for all the help. Had the local electronics place look at it and they are baffled so time for a new motherboard.


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