blank screen

  bigwullie2 18:59 07 Aug 2008

my computer starts up with blank screen and buzzing every 10 seconds any clues

  woodchip 19:07 07 Aug 2008

More info please. Have you tried tapping F8 as computer boots and choose Safe Mode

  MsTechie 19:13 07 Aug 2008

If its buzzing it might be that the power adapter is faulty or not pushed in to the back of the monitor properly
Unplug the monitor from the mains then from the monitor - plug it all back in again see if that helps - make sure its pushed in properly

  bigwullie2 19:21 07 Aug 2008

tried f8 nothing happens checked monitor on other pc seems ok screen completly blank just keeps buzzing every 10 seconds do u think it could b hard drive falty ?

  woodchip 21:15 07 Aug 2008

First thing to try is a New PSU. Does or as the computer ever beeped when starting boot

  bigwullie2 21:29 07 Aug 2008

it started with beeping when boot up but now no beeps just keeps buzzing constantly every 10 sec disconected fan buzzing stops still blank screen

  woodchip 21:30 07 Aug 2008

Yep PSU as gone, Hope for you it as not taken anything else with it

  woodchip 21:32 07 Aug 2008

Remove the Power plugs of all the Drives, then test to see if it beeps

  bigwullie2 21:32 07 Aug 2008

cheers will get psu checked asap

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