blank pages printed

  tinny76 23:30 28 Jan 2003

am i very silly r can someone help me?
Epson c40 inkjet printer that i havent used in a while, due to no ink. put in new ink and its just printing blank pages. seems to be doing alll the right moves and making the right noises.
yes the wee stick thing is off, any thing else that i c an check? cheers in advance.
its definatley the printera s i tries it on both the laptop andf the pc.

  Djohn 23:36 28 Jan 2003

Sounds as though the print nozzles have blocked up due to letting it run dry.

Could try a little swatch of linen or cotton wool soaked in warm water and squeezed almost dry, then leave under the cartridge overnight.

Remove in the morning and try again.

PS leave the cartridge in the printer as well.

  tinny76 00:02 29 Jan 2003

cheers very much that sounds like what it is.ill gve it a go. TA

  Djohn 00:10 29 Jan 2003

tinny76, your welcome, if that does not clear it you can buy a cleaning cartridge. Place that in the printer and run through several cleaning cycles, then print a couple of pages of text, (You wont see any text of course until you put ink cartridge back in). But this also helps to clean the nozzles. J.

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