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  Bonzy 12:05 14 Apr 2003

An IBM x86 PC running Win95 recently failed to power up. I had the power supply fixed, then it powered up. However, nothing appeared on the monitor. I replaced this monior with one that I know works fine, but.....same story. I could not power up using the power switch which plugs directly onto the motherboard; the PC switched on only when power was connected to the back of it. The power switch is therefore now ineffective. After power-up had been restored, the LEDs on the keyboard flashed, then the fdd LED flashed shortly after. Next the hdd LED came on briefly, with some hdd activity sounds too. Immediately thenafter, 2 beeps were heard from the system speaker, but the monitor remained blank. I removed the power plug and reconnected it, but the PC's response was the same. It still cannot go any further than the 2 beeps and a blank screen. Folks, how do I handle this problem?
Thanks in advance.

  Bonzy 14:28 14 Apr 2003

The PC doesn't have a separate graphics card. Graphics is probably on board. There's only one card which is the sound card in an ISA slot.

  Bonzy 08:08 15 Apr 2003

All 3 memeory modules have been reseated but....same story. Could it be the motherboard itself which is faulty? since the graphics adaptor seems to be on the motherboard itself. Remember, I have already indicated, as above, that the only separate adaptor card is the sound blaster which is in an ISA slot. And remember also that the power switch which connects directly onto the motherboard is no longer effective.

  lotvic 01:11 28 Apr 2011

swear, swear I read the whole darn thing and was going to suggest it was time to get a new pc..... and then I read Woolwell's post..... swear, swear

It would be a lot easier if the date of thread was back in the index like it used to be, sigh

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