Blank Mimimise/Maximise/Close icons

  Homework 10:33 13 Dec 2003

I run Windows Millennium (Build 3000). Recently the icons in the top right of all of my windows often go blank after the PC has been running a while (though they still work when clicked). However, when this happens it normally means that other ysystem problems will occur during the session.

Does anyone know the fix or can suggest some keywords to use when searching the Microsoft Knowledgebase for an answer?

Thanks in anticipation,

  Gongoozler 10:52 13 Dec 2003

This could just be a damaged font file. This Microsoft article explains. (I've put some spaces in the link to stop it being converted to a "Click here" http: // here

  Gongoozler 10:54 13 Dec 2003

I'll try that link with even more spaces.

http: // //

  Gaz 25 01:14 14 Dec 2003

If it is the browser, it could be Js\Noclose virus.

  Homework 00:54 25 Dec 2003

It tried re-extracting the font Marlett.ttf used by Windows as it may have become corrupt. However, I have discovered that I have a damaged A:\ drive and have not yet been able to use a Startup disk to extract a new copy of the font (which as it is used by windows is protected and cannot be replaced/extracted even in safe mode). Any suggestions?

Gaz 25
As you suggested a virus might cause the problem, I have run Norton Antivirus on all files without anything turning up.

However, OzzyOs suggested changing the screen resolution and then switching back does temporarily remove the problem. (but only temporarily!)

  Gongoozler 11:17 27 Dec 2003

You should be able to replace Marlett.ttf file using System file Checker (sfc).

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