Blank emails OE6

  Scubaman 11:38 18 Jan 2005

I have a persistent problem with incoming e-mails and just wondered if anybody had any idea how to resolve.

It goes like this…..

I have Norton A/Virus s/w installed.

When I use Outlook Express (OE) to receive incoming messages, when a message is received with the From and Subject Headings `blank` (containing no data), the receiving cycle of messages is terminated early in error.

If there are 50 messages in the cycle I could receive the first 48 and if the From and Subject in the next message is missing the cycle of messages terminated.

To overcome this problem, I open Norton AntiVirus – Select Options - Email – What to scan.
I then disable `Scan incoming Emails`.

I then return to OE and select to Receive All (Messages), the cycle of messages are all received again including those without a From or Subject Heading

As Norton AntiVirus has been disabled to receive the complete cycle of messages, I believe that my PC is no longer protected how can I overcome this problem?

The messages without From and Subject headings do not appear to serve any useful purpose less for stopping the complete cycle of incoming messages when Norton AntiVirus protection is enabled.

Have anybody any thoughts about this little problem.
Many thanks

  JoeC 13:17 18 Jan 2005

this was a problem with a particular year of NAV ( perhaps 2003 ) but there was a fix on the Symantec site for it. Worth checking ?

  anchor 13:25 18 Jan 2005

I see the same thing when looking at some e-mails on the Tiscali web-mail site. This is before Norton gets to work on them.

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