Blank e mail

  bob308w 06:26 21 Dec 2005

Each day, I receive an e mail, sender blank, subject none, on opening, its a blank page. Is this an e mail that has been wiped out by my anti-virus programme (Bullguard)or a fault? Running XP aand IE.

  Forum Editor 07:45 21 Dec 2005

are usually spam. Which email client are you using - is it Outlook Express?

Do you have another email client installed - like Outlook or Eudora?

Have you tried looking at your mail via your ISP's webmail service - to check whether your blank emails blank there, as well?

  bob308w 07:56 21 Dec 2005

I am using BT Yahoo and Broadband.
How do I check my mail via my ISP's webmail service?

  €dstowe 08:03 21 Dec 2005

I'm on the same ISP and I've been told that these blank messages are ones that have been found to contain something nasty by the Yahoo mail filter and had their contents removed. There is a slight glitch in the software that then allows the blanked out message into your mailbox.

Nice to know the software is doing its job though.

  bob308w 08:09 21 Dec 2005

OK, I guess I can live with that, (not that I appear to have a choice). Many Thanks for the prompt reply, Bob.

  €dstowe 08:17 21 Dec 2005

Don't let this make you complacent though - always be on your guard for anything nasty in an email (or any other Internet action)

  dms05 09:02 21 Dec 2005

I have a specific problem with just a single email user who has an account with Wanadoo.

The problem is they can't see my emails (everything in the message is blank). The reason? I use Opera and it produces Plain Text emails which should be universally receivable.

However Wanadoo only accepts HTML messages so my Plain Text message is not reproduced.

Solution? I send to this Wanadoo account from Thunderbird in HTML and all is fine.

Pity Wanadoo is non-standard.

  anchor 14:16 21 Dec 2005

Strange; my friend is with Wanadoo France, and has no problem in receiving any of my e-mails sent in either plain text or HTML.

I use Outlook 2003.

  Woolwell 14:25 21 Dec 2005

Sorry. I don't think that you are correct as I am pretty sure that Wanadoo is happy with Plain Text or HTML. What programe are they using to read your e-mails?

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