Blank DVD's - Slow Speed

  Nenad 17:18 11 May 2008

I have found that my Liteon digital recorder will not record to DVD's unless they are slow speed. However I can't find any stockists in this area, Croydon. I am looking for DVD+ or - R, 1.0X, 2.4X, 4.0X or max 8.0X. Could someone suggest a stockist other than going on-line.This area or Central London if possible.

  jack 17:36 11 May 2008

After exhausting PCW/Curry
ASDA carry a comprehensive stock though.
Computer Fairs too the traders are very well stocked very often.
We have in recent months lost our monthly fair because of a school it was held in has been knocked down and replaced with a super posh Technology Academy

  Y Wuri 17:45 11 May 2008

click here

This from tesco direct but they may have them instore.

  Totally-braindead 18:00 11 May 2008

Bit puzzled, it won't record unless they are slow speed disks what exactly do you mean?

The reason I ask is you could buy 8 or 16 speed rated disks but you don't have to burn at this speed, you can burn at a much lower speed if you wish.

I have a Liteon DVD writer and one particular brand I use DataWrite is rated as 8 speed but my Liteon doesn't like them as if I burn at 8 speed it fails and I waste a disk. If I choose to burn at a lower speed IE 4 speed it works perfectly. So thats what I do with these disks I burn at 4 speed.

I had Infiniti Samurai disks before and they were rated as 16 speed and they burned perfectly at 16 speed. If they didn't then you just drop the speed of burning and try again.

  Nenad 18:26 11 May 2008

Asda seem to be only 16X, Tesco useful and should meet requirements. By slow I meant slower than 16X as
different speeds listed. I didn't realise that it is possible to burn a 16X disc at 4X on the Liteon. How is this set up on the Liteon?

  Stuartli 18:46 11 May 2008

I doubt if a digital DVD media recorder will record at high speeds - it is more likely to be 2x or 4x, perhaps even 8x.

However, the speed rating of the blank media shouldn't make any difference as the recorder can only burn to its maximum speed.

  Stuartli 18:46 11 May 2008
  Totally-braindead 17:40 12 May 2008

I can only tell you how to do it with Nero. Other programs will have something similar but with Nero on the last screen it has burn speed and you can alter this from Maximum all the way down to 1x.
Is this a standalone recorder connected to a TV? Reading what Stuartli has said and rereading what you have said I now think it is. I have a Liteon standalone DVD recorder for my TV and it works with any speed of disk as it burns slowly anyway, you don't have to alter anything and it does not need slow disks.
I suggest that the problem you might have been having is either the disks you have tried are faulty, or the recorder is needing cleaned, or the recorder doesn't like the make of disks used.

  Nenad 20:44 12 May 2008

Thanks for the latest points. Liteon admit to a fault
with this model recorder and hence now recommend slow
disks of certain manufacturers. Because of the problem in finding these I am using slow speed, 2X or 4X RW's which although costlier are easily available.

  theDarkness 23:49 12 May 2008

i have found that burning absolutely any brand of disc at 6x with all drives i have used has never given me a bad disc since, with no problems in verifying. In general it wont matter what popular disc brand you use and what speeds the disc can burn at maximum, stick to 6x or less for a standard dvd and you should be fine. The same goes for any disc really, reduce that speed until you find one that your burner is stable with in producing discs with no errors. For being able to change the burn speed i would recommend any burner other than what is built in with windows. I use ashampoo burning studio 2008 which is only a couple of megabytes to install unlike any over indulgent bulky software such as nero, and it does its job just as well, if not better!

  €dstowe 07:56 13 May 2008

If Liteon admit their product is faulty then they should do something to correct it - like supply you with one that works properly and in the way you expected.

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