Blackout, Help wanted

  Sailorbuoy 09:55 17 Dec 2003

I frequently get the computer (Athlon 2000XP 2 x 256 Mgb memory)) switching itself off, black
screen than reboot itself, for no apparent reason.
Have the same problem after reformatting last weekend. The main fan is pushing out plent air.
Would be glad of any suggestions or diagnostics as I only have one week of guarantee left. (

  Jester2K II 09:59 17 Dec 2003

If under guarentee why not get it looked at under guarentee??

It sounds like the processor overheating. Is the processor fan working ok?

  Sailorbuoy 13:23 17 Dec 2003

It is a start, I will run some software,maybe install 'Asus Probe' to get the temps, but what sort of temperature is max recommended.

(Had a look at Dr Watson this morning and will try to extend the report log. So far only suggests 'symbol file could not be found' and I have just tried to install that.)

  [email protected] E 13:34 17 Dec 2003

What jester2k II is saying, is open the case and phisically look to see if the processors fan is running. If you are unsure what to look for click here
check out some of these videos in the link

  Sailorbuoy 13:36 17 Dec 2003

Temperatures -Status Ok.
Board 29 (30-60)
CPU 52 (58-87)
Fan 4821 ( 2200-6000)

Will keep a monotor on (Asus Probe)

Thanks Jester for your suggestion I will keep an eye on it.
Could memory be a problem?

  Jester2K II 13:45 17 Dec 2003

It could be the memory. You could try removing on stick and seeing how it goes.

However my first thought was the fan might be sticking or running slow. Does it make lots of noise or is it fairly quiet?

  Sailorbuoy 16:01 17 Dec 2003

Fine business, gratefull for your help Jester & Mark, checked all 3 fans working nicely (removed dust) temperatures remaining steady. (now 27 board, 46 processor, so cleaning had some effect.
Reset 2 sticks of memory (left both in for time being but good idea to remove one later)
My computer is self build and all but one memory stick supplied with preassembled board, CPU + fan and memory, local supplier EZ. As long as I can make sensible checks I will have info to help/combat the guarantee claim, that is tomorrow.

  Sailorbuoy 14:34 27 Dec 2003

Guarantee replaced both Power supply fans, processor fan and hear sink. Have already had 3 more blackouts. Board and processor temps ok.

Would appreciate any additional leads on diagnosis, 'win32k.sys' is mentioned in the dump memory screen before shutdown.

  Stuartli 14:44 27 Dec 2003

Two other points. Is the air flow through the case unhindered and are the fans pulling/pushing the air in the right direction? Fans usually have the air flow direction marked on the case.

  Stuartli 14:46 27 Dec 2003

Several links to go at here:

click here=

If full link doesn't appear, right click and use Open in New Window.

  Sailorbuoy 17:26 29 Dec 2003

Thanks Stuartli, Power supply fan is sucking in and main case is pushing out, after 3 hours constant use temps are now 27 Mother, 43 Proc. which seems ok.

I got a message before the memory dump re 'win32k.sys' if that helps.

Will try your link now.

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